Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What about MY time.....

What a day this has been. All I have done is wait on other people. The guy who is replacing my daughter's water heater was supposed to show up and start work at 1:30....he arrived at 5. As I write this, the job is finished and everything looks great. She's happy.....I haven't been billed yet, so I don't know whether to be happy or not. He said he will bring the bill to my work on Friday.

Last Friday it was 80 outside and when I got home I turned on my AC. The fan was working, but the actual unit that is outside did not come on. On a weekend you can't really get ahold of anyone and Monday I had to work, so it had to wait until Tuesday. Remember.... I had my electrical box in the basement replaced with an updated more fuses. (when the washer and dryer were moved) I began to wonder if maybe they didn't tie in my AC unit or something so I called the guy. He said..."you have central air?" Now that statement really bothered me cause they were outside working not 3 feet from the unit. I wonder what he thought it was. That lack of observation did bother me. It made me wonder what ELSE he missed. I calmly said yes I do have central air and he said just a minute, covering the mouthpiece and talking with someone else. He came back in a minute or so and said..."we'll be out in a couple hours to check it out". The couple hours turned into four hours, but who's counting. I have nothing better to do than sit around and wait for people so....what the hell. At least they DID show up.

He went out to the unit and worked on this and that....up and down the and out of the hallway fooling with the thermostat, then back outside. He then announced that it had blown a fuse. It apparently has it own little fuse box located just above the unit, which is outside. Who knew? He said he could fix that and put circuit breakers in and I would no longer have to fool with a fuse here either .... (I thought I had already taken care of this). So, for a nominal fee, he did put that in and get it all fixed up purty. It STILL doesn't work. After a bit of head scratching he announces that the compressor is shot. WHAT! I say....its only two years old. Well, it will be under warranty then....can you call the guy that installed it? Yes I I did. The guy was NOT happy. He thinks the electricians cooked it when they fooled around with the power. He says he will be out around 8 pm to check it out...can't come any earlier....but yes, it probably would be covered under warranty.....maybe, unless they cooked it. I tell the electricians what he said and they look a bit unhappy so they continue to fool around with it. All of a sudden I hear it start up. I go to the door and look out and the guy says to me that the new circuit breaker that he had just put in was defective. He has changed it and now everything is hunky dorey. (where in the world did that saying ever come from anyway?) I pay him and thank him and they are off. I call the AC guy and tell him its working but would he still come and do the yearly maintenance on it cause its due in May anyway. He says OK...he will be out tomorrow (which is today) at 4 pm.

Today at noon I call him and confirm that he's coming today at 4. He says between 4 and 4:30. It is 8:35 and he still is not here. Good thing I don't have a life and can just sit around and WAIT. A phone call would have been nice though. Since its now dark I think I can safely assume that he is not coming today. Ask me if I'm happy. Grrrrrr


Andrew said...

Oh Val! Thats sound like a couple of tough days. I've turned on my air conditioning too. Getting in the eighties in the day her in 'bama. I hope that guy comes soon so you can settle down for the night. Take care and hang in there!

Brad said...

Hi Love-
My first reaction was does the electrician look like Curly moe or Joe? But then I thought 'Those could be my guys' - anyway I feel for you and i hope we give better service then that. I try and call customer as son as I know a scheduled appointment is 'sliping' But were fortunate to have a dispatcher (me) Most of these guys are working for themselves or maybe if they're lucky have a wife/partner to help them.

Does that matter to you the poor person who had their time sucked up? No not at all. And it shouldn't

On behalf of all trademen/persons I humbly apologize.

Brad said...

Moe and Larry that should be - Jay's uncles are Moe & Joe - dang it

Brad said...

Hunky-dorey info here:

Just part of the service here Ma'am

OK, I'm done. Really. (sorry)

Velvet Sacks said...

Val, that's the kind of thing that drives me right up the wall! When I have problems with the A/C or the plumbing or something else that constitutes an emergency and get the kind of treatment you did, I feel SO powerless, and that feeling makes me mad as hell.

Cheryl said...

Grrrr. Are you really as patient as you sound? We're helpless when we have to wait for service. Well, I hope your AC issues are solved. You've reminded me to call for my AC service. I always forget and wait so long that I have a hard time getting an appointment.

fiwa said...

Honey, I know exactly what you mean. With all this stuff going on with our bathroom, I have done nothing but sit around and wait for other people to show up. It drives me INSANE. But then, I come from a family who believes you are late if you're not there half an hour early.

I hope your AC continues to work smoothly. I can't believe you've had to run your AC. We're still getting snow!

Betty said...

I hate to have to wait around for people to come and fix something. That's why I love my apartment. I just pick up the phone, call the office, and Maintenance comes in and fixes the problem, whether I'm there or not. Such a relief.

Anonymous said...

wow...such service in the good ole us of a! you wouldnt dream of that here...but i guess i've been here too long and am spoiled by what is known as "standard JP service"!...even the could set your watch to them!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Brad ~ you are so thorough...why thank you so much! Now I know all about hunky. Oh and please don't apologize for the ill-mannered individual. His mom should have taught him better than this! Well, apparently heating and cooling is a side job for him and if he keeps this up...he won't even have THAT. You're so funny....Larry Moe and Curly...yep, can't believe they stood right next to that unit and never noticed it. Scary!

Andrew ~ our weather is so day its 80 and the next its 55. But I'm glad to have my AC when I need it.

Velvet ~ Sometimes I wonder if its all part of a diabolical plot to get back at the female population. Seems like the offenders are always male. It does make you feel helpless...because basically you're at their mercy. Hate it, hate it.

Cheryl ~ Yep that's exactly why I wanted it done early. I've heard our summer is going to be brutal and another thing I can't stand is to put on a wait list that's 3 weeks long. No, I'm not really patient but I have a fear of embarrassing myself with an outburst of temper so I force myself to remain calm then I slash their tires.

Fiwa ~ oh my...I really do feel for you. I HATE having things torn up like that. Every second you have to wait seems like an eternity doesn't it. Is the weather good enough that you're ok or are the elements pouring into your abode?

Betty ~ Yes, you do have some definite advantages...but with my luck I'd come home early and find the maintenance guy dressed in my bra and girdle dancing to "Blue Velvet" in front of my full-length mirror.

Jyankee ~ I sure wish we had some standards here...other than 'just ok'. Although I have had excellent service people in the just seems that lately something is slipping.

The Real Mother Hen said...

What a bad attitude they have!
Grrr I hate that!

SOUL: said...

geesh charlotte what is it with a/c guys these days?? :))

how ironic-- you just left a comment on my page just as i am typing this. hmm.

anyhow-- you sound so much like me sometimes.

i hope things turn around for you-- and you get your stuff squared away-- and get a life :))

just kiddin.. i know you have a life -- you're time is very valuable.

happy friday.