Saturday, April 5, 2008

Links Meme......

Janet tagged me, and though I really don't like memes, this one didn’t ask any personal questions so I’m participating.

PLEASE follow the rules!

Just copy and paste THIS and everything below up until my Five links:

I thought it would be cool to have a meme where we post links. We can post up to five. Then we tell five more people to share their links. If we all share who tagged us, our links are sure to be seen!

They can be business links, favorite sites, affiliate links, whatever you want…

There are some rules, as usual:

1. MUST be clean. No R rated sites.

2. Only FIVE links.

3. MUST tell 5 people.

4. A link back to the person who tagged you

Here’s mine:
This is where I buy 98% of my books and a lot of DVD's, not to mention music CD's. I've never been burned (no pun intended) in all the years I've used them.

Give away of the day:
This site gives away fully licensed programs.....a different one every day. The only thing you have to remember is that once loaded on your machine you cannot take it off and expect to reload it at a later time....because it just won't work a second time. I've gotten some really nice programs here and never had an issue with any viruses or spyware.

Games for the Brain:
I go here whenever I want to exercise my brain. Nothing is worse than having your brain sit around on the couch and munch snacks all day, so go here once in a while and give it a workout.

Heavy Games:
My grandson showed me this site. If you're bored and want to just "play", this is a good place to go for some fun.

Fashion Bug:
This is where I purchase most of my clothes; they are made well and if you watch for sales, which are frequent, the price is nice.
So, now I have to tag....(please forgive me if you hate this kind of stuff).

Mapi because I'd like to have some of her links.

Jay because he's so dog gone funny and I'd like to know where he roams....sorry about the no "R" rated sites, Jay....hope that doesn't hinder you.

Jamie: Please don't hate me but maybe you'll find this kinda fun. I will bend over so you can kick my arse if you really hate memes..... the next time you see me. lol

Brad: I am hoping you will find some interesting links from others as well as others finding some great ones from you, my nature-loving friend.

Soul: Please don't sic Eevee on me but I tagged you hoping that maybe you'd throw in that link where you get all those GREAT pictures you post. If you're less than enthusiastic about this, I'll let you kick my arse too.....the next time I see you.


Brad said...

Sheesh Love - Your making me work weekends here - OK - I'm on it give me some time for the creative juices to flow.

mapiprincesa! said...

heh heh heh...mine are up, dahling!

Have fun! :)


Maria said...

Your sites are interesting. Mine are silly games....

Kelly Jene said...

Fun stuff! I love Fashion Bug. Interesting meme!

simonsays said...

No, I won't kick you THIS time, and thanks for including me...I will do this meme very soon!

I'm happy to see that you are posting more, you make this old woman worry when you don't. :)

Galmaran said...

See Please Here

fiwa said...

Fun - I love your links! The two game sites and Fashion Bug especially.

Have a wonderful day!

SOUL: said...

hmmm... right in the middle of a middle of my brain fog???
well, ok. but i need some time-- i gotta catch up with my peeps-- and think. ugh. the thinking is the hardest part.

happy sunday charlotte-

Jay said...

Okay, I posted my five sites. None of them are R-Rated. Maybe PG-13 though. LOL ;-)