Sunday, April 20, 2008

I have been awarded.....

Velvet of Velvet Sacks has awarded me this pretty Gratitude with Attitude Award. I am so deeply touched by being awarded that I don't quite know what to say. Thank you just doesn't seem like enough. We all love to be appreciated, that's for sure ..... and all I can say to Velvet is thank you so very much for the compliment and it makes me happy that you enjoy my writing.....but I bet I enjoy YOURS more!! LOL

Boneman has also awarded me a "ValStar" award because I was nice enough to do that Meme he tagged me for. A ValStar award means you are a "go to gal" who gets the job done. His words. Thank you Boney for this means a lot because you took the time to make it for me. I think I will pass this one along as well....Boney, don't be surprised if your own artwork pops up somewhere else. ; > )

So now I pass along the Gratitude with Attitude Award to the following:

Brad: Because he is just so caring about everyone and everything and that includes our environment......I am grateful for his caring attitude and the kindess he has shown me as well as others. I honestly think everyone loves Brad.

Maria: Because she has a resilience not often found....she is raising her child to be a caring individual who holds no prejudices in a world that can be so unkind. For her beautiful writings that sends one deep into their own soul, I am grateful to have found her.

Soul: What can I say. Is there any person who has more attitude? She has endeared herself to so many people. She is the morning cup of coffee and reading her daily post is just like sitting down at the kitchen table with her. I am so grateful that she loves me enough to call me "Charlotte".

Summer: For having to bend like a willow tree for everyone you seem to come in contact with. You are appreciated, more than you know. The ones who don't appreciate you are missing out on a lot. I'm grateful there are kind-hearted people such as you. Thank you for just being you.

Well, now that brings us to the ValStar Award. This is the one awarded to a "get 'er done" type of gal. I award this to the following:

Jamie: Because she's had life in the traumatic lane for quite some time but she hits every day running with determination....never letting anything slow her down. What a gal to have on your team if you want to be a winner....and she IS a winner. Good luck on that garage sale BTW.

Anonymous Boxer: Because she's determined to keep her business going and have happy satisfied customers no matter what.....and she does. And lets face it....anyone who can live with a herd of Chihuahuas (not to mention the redwriter) has got to be a 'get 'er done' type.

Elizabeth: Because she's a devoted mother to three little boys, plus a loving spouse..... seeing to all their needs....yet finds the time to write so eloquently you just get lost in her words. And did I mention she's also an excellent housekeeper. This is definitely one 'get 'er done' type of gal.


Brad said...

My cheeks are warm from blushing - Thank you Dear - This was a well deserved award for you - Thank you for passing it on.

Kelly Jene said...

You so deserve those awards! I love them. And I would have given them to the same people you chose. Bravo to you all! Big hugs!

Summer said...

I appreciate the award but more than that, because you were thinking of me. Someone you don't even know. Thank you!

Maria said...

Thank you so very much. What a lovely surprise. I am just glad that we found each other...

simonsays said...

Well Charlotte---Good Heavens! Thank you so very much! I am very touched to be among the first to ever receive this are too kind, and so are your words. You can bet I will pass this along with pride! Hugs my dear!

mapiprincesa! said...

Those are so lovely, Val. Congratulations to you!

Be well, Val.


Thank you so much Val! I love the Val award!!
Your words mean a lot, really!

Thank you! :)

Anonymous Boxer said...

Hey!! Very kind of you and mucho appreciated. YOU are someone who I admire for many reasons and I'm happy to accept this from you.

Thank you!!!

Gypsy said...

Well congratulations Val on both of these awards. They are both richly deserved. I don't know all of the recipients you have passed the awards on to but the ones I do know certainly deserve the accolades.

SOUL: said...

charlotte-- hi... you didn't haveto do that-- but thank you. how cool. you know i like awards.
someday we will have to have a real sit down at one of kitchen tables for coffee-- seein as we have talked about it since we met ! but i think it should be here-- i just don't do cold weather! :))
maybe i'll clean my kitchen before you come :))

thanks again.. and so many congrats to YOU on yours-- look at you TWO awards .. saweeeet!

anyhow.. i'm still on dr. knock out drugs and really shouldn't be typoing anything. so i should do...
hope your day is a good one !