Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fly away.....

This time of year I cannot seem to hold onto money for more than a few nanoseconds. Every year its the same....first of the year bills plus routine repairs and maintenance. Blech! They sure do get me down.

A bright note, however, is that my taxes were filed on time and I am getting a that will help immensely. My daughter needs a new hot water heater so thats the next thing on the list of "to do" items. I'm hoping that my own hot water heater will last another year for me (at least).

I had to laugh at Soul's post because my life is much the same ... at least right now. I have routine doctor's visits and tests coming up....yech. Oh well, as they say....preventive maintenance. I know I'm going to need new eye glasses this time too. That fine print is getting MIGHTY fine, if you know what I mean.

The day is gorgeous, the sun is warm and the sky so blue it makes you happy to be alive. I am attempting Spring cleaning....does anyone know where I can rent a forklift? I cannot believe that I have accumulated so much STUFF....well, me and my offspring. 36 years in the same place will do that to just takes on a life of its own. It would be nice if I could come across some long forgotten about cash....but in this household, money is NOT forgotten about. Spent, yes..... forgotten about....never!

My son got a packet in the mail yesterday about enrolling his daughter in Head Start at the school here by us. PACKET is an accurate description as it was about 1/2 inch thick stack of paperwork that has to be filled out, asking everything under the sun about her, him and probably his descendants dating back 200 years. Some of these questions are unreal. Not to mention all the doctor and dental appointments and blood tests required before admission. He just skimmed the paperwork because I know he thinks that I'm going to do this for him.........wrong. Been there....done that....paid my dues with my OWN children. Now its HIS turn. Bwha ha ha ha ha


Brad said...

Val - just read that article - For the love of mike, what the hec is this country coming to? Guess I'll be spending my evening with my buddy google reseaching this more. Thanks for the tip.

BTW, do you know ditaur? tried that link - maybe a netbot posted to your comments ?

mapiprincesa! said...

Ah yes...the fine print...and you HAVE to have glasses just to be able to read it, of course, so they've got us all there, don't they?

I always think I've made it through the holidays and bills...but Life and expenditures just keeps coming. Unending.

Good for you on filing taxes, and for making your son do the work. Bwha ha ha ha. Love it.

Smiles back atcha this beautiful Spring Day!!! Enjoy while it lasts...

Be well, Val!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Brad ~ Thanks for reading that...I'm still shaking my head over it. I have been getting these weird posters in my comments...and if you go to their site, its just ads. Every time I find one I delete it and they sure are fast to post on my blog..wish I knew how to stop them. I may have to put word verification back on...but Soul hates it so much I hate to do it.

Mapi ~ Hope you're enjoying this great weather too. And that rainbow you saw....that was ME saying HI. Just so ya know. LOL
big hugs and glad your ordeal is OVAH!!

Cheryl said...

The weather was the best today! I'm sure that's the reason I was in such a good mood.

Hate the paperwork. It takes so long!

Kelly Jene said...

Paperwork stinks. That's why I love home school.

At least you get to hold your money before you spend it. Ours is gone before it's paid to us. ugh.

Hey, I read that VF article, you gave to Brad. Dang. I never even knew about that stuff. Totally blew my mind. I'm going to be reading everything now.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Cheryl ~ It was a gorgeous day and we may get a repeat tomorrow! I can't wait to see flowers growing in my yard.

Kelly ~ I really don't think I would have the patience to home school, altho we have thought about it a lot. Reference the Monsanto article, I'm so glad you read it...tell others to read it too. I sure was educated about a lot of things. Educated and really concerned....and scared for our future generations.

SOUL: said...

had to laugh at the forklift thing.. i need one teeewww. i really need to start sorting for my yard sale. or donationathon. whichever it will be. but i really must get rid of about 2/3 of this junk i have around here.

tell your son-- if he fills out that paperwork to make copies before he hands it in... he will be asked the SAME questions for the next twenty years... UGH.


simonsays said...

I had to laugh at this post, good lord, I have only been in this place for 12 years and I have the hell you are referring to, I cannot imagine 36!

Good for you---have son do the paperwork himself!

HUGS, dear friend! :)

mapiprincesa! said...

Val, I don't remember where I saw you had linked to the Vanity Fair Monsantos article, but that was an excellent source of info and I passed it along to many of my "concerned" family and friends as well.

Whereever that was I saw that, thank you for helping us look after each other!

Be well, Val...MOOOOOOOOO!

boneman said...

Oh say can you see?
The fine print they gave me?
It was small and for sure....
they wanted money at the door.
Through spots before my eyes
they said there couldn't be lies...
That they charge me with truth
or their FBI will sleuth.
And the bills that come when
one doesn't read it well then,
and the payments will be
ever hiogher as I go along
so even if i have to
I'llllllll get a magnifying glass.
So i can read all of that gray
before signing
my life
(no disrespect meant to the Star Spangled Banner, but, the tune has been hanging around the ol' cobwebs and just sort'a fell in with your fine print stuff....)

boneman said...

oh, what a beautiful day it was today!
Got just a spit of rain...shortie to be sure.
Then not cold.


Hung m'show this evening. Always hurts...
put a price on it, want the sale, sorry to see work go away.

I gotta stop painting things I like....

Star? Well, as it turns out, you are the only responder so far.
Two of the gals are pressed for their work, and one is already running her blog with an organization I have no grasp of.
No, really. I'm not too organized.
Even a little sloppy, if you will.

So, star, huh?
Tell ya what.
I'm gonna make a star just for you.
It's fair and I should do it.

And, until the star comes along, let's enjoy this warm rush, eh?

JYankee said...

yes your kids need to take care of their own really have done your's time to be finished! ha ha ha...

Anonymous said...

If you read through Pioneer Woman's past blogs you will find out about the mustangs.

As with so many of the questions asked after her last qestion and answer thread, they have alrady been asked in the past and many of them answered.

boneman said...

warm ended about 8 this morning.
Cool rain (we'll want that back sometime in July, eh?) came washing in at us, now the "cute lil" dogs are trasping mud paw prints in everytime they go out.
Which IS better than the alternative, I reckon, but a mess nonetheless.

Gypsy said...

I really have to sort this place out too. I keep meaning to do it, I've even bought big plastic tubs to store things in I simply can't throw out but that's as far as I've got. I'm waiting for the old health situation to improve so I can go out and enjoy the glorious weather we are having. I'm dying to plant things and watch our land come back to life after a brutal summer.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Soul ~ Yep, a forklift and a riding vacuum cleaner...sure would make it all easier.

Jamie ~ One good way to clean is to MOVE and so soon you will have everything shipshape. Apartment? Can you keep the animals??

Mapi ~ thank you for reading the article and passing it along. If more people are informed, maybe we can make sure this doesn't happen again and also give some support for our wonderful dairy farmers!!

Boney ~ thanks for the offer of a STAR. I graciously accept. I LOVE presents and/or awards. LOL

jyankee ~ Your statement is so very right if I could only figure out a way to ENFORCE it. Times are rough and they always fall back on Mom and Dad, it seems.

Anonymous ~ I have read her blog from day one....I was asking because she does mention them a lot and its interesting reading for all the new readers. are.....?

Gypsy girl ~ You and me both...can't wait to see the flowers again. Yesterday it was 80 and thats perfect weather as far as I'm concerned. Take care now.