Thursday, April 24, 2008

Time means nothing.....

This is just going to be a quick post continuing along the lines of yesterday's post. The original AC guy never did make it and all day long today he not only was a no-show, he did not have the decency to even call me. I was angry enough that I did not call him. I was afraid of what I might say and I'm old enough to know that once said, words cannot be retrieved. So I made an appointment with another HVAC guy......the same one who installed my furnace. He will do the job next week.

Time means nothing to a lot of people it seems. My young granddaughter won a scholarship to take Karate. My daughter was elated as she is hoping that this will help her daughter focus. Tonight was the first class. She went to the appointed place and waited, along with other parents and children. The instructor never showed up and never called. What is going on? Something in the air? The water? Did consideration just pack its bags and head out of town? I just don't know what to think anymore.

I am going to end this post on a happy note however. I got my heating bill today and it seems I have overpaid and have nothing due with a credit of $40 coming to me. WAHOO! Our winter was very brutal and I'm on the budget plan so I paid a little extra each month so I wouldn't get socked with a huge bill in April due to not having paid enough. Looks like my little plan worked. I am so effing smart I can hardly stand myself.


Kelly Jene said...

You go smarty pants!

How disappointing for your granddaughter. What a poor way to start a class off. If there even is a class anymore.

Sorry about the AC. Hopefully this next time will be a charm.

simonsays said...

I so know what you mean about others and time...I think you're right, it is an epidemic. Not only does it put you out and disappoint you (or your poor granddaughter) but it is just plain RUDE. Did none of these people have mothers that told them not to act this way?

AND, way to go on your heat bill. Mine were outrageous this year, too. But I wasn't as smart as you.

Have a wonderful weekend Charlotte!


mapiprincesa! said...

Hi Val: I think you should report this behavior and demand a discount from the company for either the visit to be stricken from the bill or a certain percent off any work. If that will not be granted, sic the BBB on them and that usually gets any institution to hop and do whatever it is you want them to do...nobody wants to be badly listed by the BBB.

What a lack of respect. I know people who do not understand why I am so anal about getting my preschooler and kindergartener to school just a bit early--I think respect for others' time is a behavior that is learned. I absolutely hate making anyone wait for me. That is a horrible feeling--and thoroughly dislike being made to wait as well.

Good Friday to you, Val! Be well!

The Real Mother Hen said...

The karate instructor was probably moonlighting as an AC guy, or going all kungfu in some Chinatown! :)

Yeah this winter is really brutal. It still snows and rains in April. I bet I'll continue paying the insane bills even in May!

Anonymous said...

what'll you do if the first a/c guy shows up?

Maybe the instructor had a good reason for not showing up. I prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt, but if they don't show up and don't tell you that they can't make it, they ought to call people and apologize. If someone apologizes, it makes me less angry than if they just not show up with no explanation. It ain't a blind date, ya know.

SOUL: said...

people are very ruuuuude. they should pay US for the time we wait for them. then they'd move their butts a bit faster.


laterz charlotte-

Brad said...

Completely inexcusable.

As a dispatcher, I know how simple it is to pick up the friggin phone and call the customer and let them know. Sure once in a while people are a bit annoyed but what I find happens most of the time (for me) is they’re just happy to be COMMUNICATED with and not left wondering. With the way the economy is headed it’s a really poor idea to piss off customers.

Betty said...

The repair people around here are always either late or don't show up. Then, if they do show up, they usually stand around, scratch their heads, and mumble, "Boy, that's going to be a HARD JOB!" They think they are softening you up for a big bill. And, usually, they're right.

Anonymous said...

As an really is inexcusable....especially as they are paying yes? I hope everyone really gets their money back...and complain!
Good deal with your heating bill!

Gypsy said...

That behaviour is just plain rude and extremely bad manners, none of which is excusable. It might have been forgivable in the days before phones but everyone seems to be contactable at all times these days what with cell phones, the internet, the list goes on.

My power bill was almost $800 for 3 months but our summer was brutal and the A/C was on virtually 24/7. Yikes!!!

Hope it all gets sorted out soon Val.

boneman said...

ok, so take your loot and go buy some ant traps at the grocer next time you're there.
Great product.
I put ours out for a few days and that pretty much cleans it up for us.
And, of course, since you're at the grocer's and son is hauling his own weight around, you can afford some of that new fangled popcorn with the butter already on it.

Mary said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I have to apologize for having you arrive when I was in a snit. It's unusual for me, but last Friday just fried my liver!!

I certainly understand waiting for repair people. Most seem to have no consideration about time and appointments.

I surmise (from reading your profile) that you are a retired Government employee. I retired from the Defense Information Systems Command in Feb, 2003. The best move I ever made.

Again, thanks for visiting and please come back often.


I did the budget plan, and I just don't seem to understand how it works. Granted, I went with a middle man, which our main gas supplier that still sends the bills told me it won't be beneficial..but, still, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Glad for the credit back!!! Now, go treat yourself to something delicious to eat!! :)

I am sorry to hear about the instructor, I hope there wasn't an accident or a fallen ill family member. AND!!!, I hope your granddaughter wasn't too disappointed.
People amaze me when they pull malicious stunts, I'll cross my fingers that they'll reschedule and someone will stick to the time.

Let me know if the focus seems to work..I've often considered that version for my little one!

Happy Sunday!

Anonymous said...

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SOUL: said...

i found z smell - i think..

whatcha doin with your time today?