Thursday, April 3, 2008

Things I think about.....

Ever been to a friend's house and washed your hands with her bathroom soap and it smells yummy? The fragrance lasts and lasts and you make up your mind you want some of that stuff. So you go out and buy 19 containers of it just in case they quit making it and bring it home. Yep, it smells great for about 4.2 seconds, then dissipates. What is the deal? Did your friend add a secret ingredient to hers? This is one of life's mysteries that you will never solve.

Almost the same goes for laundry detergent and/or fabric softener. You're at a friend's house, she is doing laundry....the fragrance is so fresh and wonderful. Why don't YOUR clothes smell as nice, you wonder. You decide to try her brand. You buy it, you use it and yes, the fragrance is terrific for a few minutes....then there just doesn't seem to be any fragrance to speak of. What happened? You decide that it must be her water (even though you both have city water).

You go into an upscale department store and head to the perfume counter. You spray yourself with a tester of some yummy smelling stuff and it stays with you for the next 12 hours. You have strangers stopping you and asking what your fragrance is. You know you have to buy this matter the price. You buy it, you use it and the fragrance goes away after about an hour or so. Honestly, I think they put stronger stuff in the testers. There is an exception to this for me...the one perfume that I can wear that will stay with me all day long and then some is Red Door. Its the best stuff in the world as far as I'm concerned. And if a small black and white animal hadn't thought of it before me, I'd say it was my signature fragrance .... that to smell me is to know me.

Why my son has to tap his razor on the side of the bathroom sink 17 times between strokes while he's shaving. Sometimes he only taps it 14 times but usually its 17. Is he nuts for doing that or am I for COUNTING it? Do you think I'm suffering from cabin fever?

The other day while I was ATTEMPTING to read, he opened and shut the back door 30 times in 3 hours. That averages out to 10 times an hour. I feel this is excessive but then I going off the deep end because I actually COUNTED them? He has a good lead on a job....pray for me.


fiwa said...

You get used to most scents and don't smell them after a while. Sad, isn't it? I love the smell of laundry soap I use, but I can't really smell it any more. Everyone else remarks on it though.

You make me want to run to the mall, just to smell Red Door.

I'm praying hard for the job to come through for him!


SOUL: said...

i'm right there with ya on the cabin fever thing--
how's your weather lately?

simonsays said...

This post made me laugh because yes, I have felt exactly like that. And then, I cannot find the soap/detergent/perfume, either. LOL

Thanks for the great post!

JYankee said...

Haaa...yeah...the fact that you are actually counting.... I'll say no more!

Summer said...

If I told you what I counted, you wouldn't feel so bad. Haha.