Monday, April 28, 2008

Just when you thought it was safe.....

What's up with this. A few days ago we had the AC cranked up and people were out in shorts and halter tops. Today its cold. Tonight they say its going down to 32, maybe colder in the 'burbs'.....that's me.

No wonder everyone is hacking and coughing. With weather like this your system doesn't know what to do. Just imagine what the flowers must feel like. I had to postpone my AC maintenance because it won't operate right when its this cold.

Its nearly May. The tulips are blooming...I just hope that frost doesn't kill them all. Our summers are not nearly long enough as it is so I really resent it when Spring just doesn't want to get its nerve up and kick Winter in the arse and tell it to hit the road.

I really can't think of anything interesting to write about right now......or could it possibly be that I'm tired. Usually my mind is always working but right now I just want to slip under the covers and drift off to dreamland. I'll come up with something brilliant tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm heading to bed.


fiwa said...

Tuck yourself in bed with a nice hot toddy. Who knows what is going on with the weather - we're in the same boat, only not quite as cold right now.

Stay warm - and as soon as the sun comes out again you'll get your energy back. Humans are solar driven. :)

love you -

Gypsy said...

It's insane isn't it? We are having the same problem although today is just about perfect. I'm loving the cool crispy mornings and evenings and we had our first fire 2 nights ago. Awesome. Bring on the cold I say.

Cheryl said...

Around here they say to wait till Mother's Day weekend to plant because of the possibility of frost. Yes, the heater was on yesterday. Today I see the sun. Finally!

Have a great Tuedsay!

simonsays said...

I am right there with you...the same thing happening here. Winter will NOT let go.

And no one wants ice cream in the cold.

Happy Tuesday!

Brad said...

Why do they always call it Global 'Warming'? Where's all this warmth? (just kidding it is a serious issue)

ordinaryjanet said...

oh, yeah, it's not fair! I thought I'd finished with my sweats till October. Here I am wearing them...again. And I don't feel good, I guess the changing weather affects people.

SOUL: said...

want my opinion?
i think the weather gods are drunk this year-- or they went off their meds ! the whole world is weather crises ! :))

hope the weather smiles on you today

happy weekend

let's have coffee