Sunday, April 6, 2008

Colors, colors, everywhere.....

I finally trudged to the store and bought painting supplies and then proceeded to pick out the colors I wanted to use in my bathroom. For over an hour I messed with this, looking at no less than 39,000 colors and brands of paint, not to mention, the METHOD of application I wanted to use. After agonizing over this color and that I finally made my choice. And....of course....are you ready for this... or are you ahead of me and have guessed what I'm about the say. Yep, you're right. Out of all those 39,000 colors and varieties of paints, they are out of the VERY ONE that I picked. It will be restocked by Tuesday evening, I'm told.

I'm not surprised at this at all. Matter of fact, I would have been effing DISAPPOINTED if it had turned out any other way. This, my the way my life seems to go. But I've learned to just go with the flow. It'll all work out in the end.

After leaving that store, I did manage to find some DVD's on sale for only $5 at Wacky-mart. I bought several very good ones. My grandson was laughing like crazy at me riding around in their little shopping go-carts. This is the only way to shop as far as I'm concerned. Although I didn't tell him that the last time I was there the darn cart's battery went dead with me at the far end of the store. It managed to get me to the check out counter but a snail could have moved faster. I just considered myself lucky that I didn't have to walk all that way. So now I make sure I get one that's nicely charged up. Hope you all had a memorable Sunday.


fiwa said...

Darnit' on the paint. What color did you pick out?

Those carts are not as great as the look, are they? I broke my ankle a few years back and had to rely on them for shopping for a month or so. It's amazing how few of them work really well - I feel sorry for the people who have to rely on those things all the time. There are usually only one or two of them, and most of the time the battery is nearly dead.

Monday lovins,

SOUL: said...

you sound more and more like me -- better be careful. :))

happy monday-- and good luck with the paint!

Kelly Jene said...

Maybe that was God saying you needed a couple of days before you began painting!

Enjoy your movies!!

boneman said...

Dang! I'm thrilled to no end about TODAY!

If you like the $5 numbers at wally world, wait'll you see the $4 numbers at Target!

Smocha said...

I thought they could mix up any color you wanted???

Speaking of paint. When we moved here, I painted ONE wall in my guest room red.The wall is textured so it took several coats and an entire gallon of paint . Well, now ,3 years later I need a new comforter set for that room.NOTHING with a speck of red to be found.

I am going to be soooo mad if I have to repaint that damn wall teal blue or something (over the dark red) just to match a bedspread!!


What color did ya pick????

Gypsy said...

I am a hopeless procrastinator so picking a paint colour is like all kinds of torture for me and even more so for my poor long suffering husband.

ordinaryjanet said...

did you pick up your paint? That happens to me all the time. I can walk past something that's on the shelf for years, but let me actually need that thing and suddenly they're sold out, or they stopped ordering them.