Saturday, April 5, 2008

Blessfully alone......

OMG...this is the first Saturday in 8 months that I've been alone in my house. I had forgotten the freedom of such a thing. This morning after getting out of the shower I padded, nude, into the kitchen to get my coffee refilled. It was so wonderful to be able to do that without fear of having someone walk in on me......of course I think I scared the dog out of her wits....she's under the bed hiding right now. In good time she'll learn to tolerate such fearful sights.

I am getting my washer and drier moved to an alcove in my kitchen instead of being down in the basement. Its going to cost almost 2k to get it all in place with cupboards that match the rest of the kitchen installed as well. I can't really afford it, but once done I know I'll be much happier with this arrangement. I'm fortunate that my kitchen had just the corner for them to fit in. you think that I will be able to have this work completed in a time period satisfactory with me? I'm thinking it shouldn't take any longer than 3 days.....max, once they start. That's about my limit to having something all torn up. I picked a highly recommended construction crew. Of course him taking almost 2 weeks to get my estimate to me didn't set very this a prelude to how long it will take to get the work actually finished? Oh my lord....I hope not. He has not given me a start date yet.

Remember my bathroom redo? How many months ago was that.....I seem to have forgotten. By the way....its still not finished. My son hasn't done one more thing in there so today I am going to the store and buying what I think I may have to have and my 17 yr old grandson said he wants to do it for me. I figure it can't look any worse than what it looks like now....with spackling all over the I think I'm going to let him do it....... with me as overseer, of course. I have always been a person that absolutely cannot stand to have things remain half finished. When I start a job myself, I always kill myself to finish it as soon as possible because of my dislike of unfinished projects. This getting old is the pits because now I can't be climbing a ladder anymore and there are so many things I used to do that I simply cannot manage now. So you can only imagine what this unfinished bathroom has done to my mind in these past months. Talk about a downer!!

But today is gorgeous.....the best day we've had since last October. Its 60 and sunny and thats just like giving me a pep pill. I have the house to myself for now and I'm taking advantage of it.
Oh and by the way....if you're over 60 and NOT attempt the happy dance while nude.


mapiprincesa! said...

Oh YOU are funny.

But YEA for you! Although I'm not sure I'd choose dancing nude in my kitchen as my most choice mode of celebration...

...but to each his/her own.


Glad you are having a good day, Val. Be well.

Brad said...

They first thing I thought when you told us young one found a job was oh joy she's going to have some peace.
Hon, your going to have to get realistic about the washer/dryer remodel - 3 day is quite ambitious. Take it easy and don't stress on it. XO - BC

fiwa said...

Val, you crack me up. I'm so glad you had a day to yourself and it was a nice one at that.

Good luck on the washer/dryer thing, I have no idea how long it should take, but I hope they treat you well.

Kudos to your Grandson for offering to finish the bathroom for you, that is really sweet. I'm with you, I HATE an unfinished job, it drives me batchick.


SOUL: said...

if i were you i would get another estimate-- on time and money-- maybe check craigslist? for the washer dryer thing? or not. but that not only overpriced-- but too long too.

anyhow-- yep the nekkid happy dance doesn't sound too comfy.
but it is funny. :))

hope you have another good day today too-