Saturday, April 19, 2008

I'm goin' in.....

Be very afraid. I've put it off long enough and I have to finally clean out the fridge. When I lived alone, it was so simple. I was the one who put it there, so I could keep track of what was going on. Since my son now lives with me, its a whole 'nother ball game.

It just takes on such a snowball effect. Start on cleaning the fridge and then before you know it, your sink is full of dirty dishes and then the floor needs mopping. Ever notice how leftovers......especially if they are nothing to write home about.....seem to multiply and then before you know it, you have something that should be labled bio-hazard. I have reached the point where I just throw away most things unless it can make another whole meal. Like roast beef leftovers. Those always seem to get used the next day....same goes for turkey dinner leftovers. But that lone porkchop? Give it to the dog and make him forever grateful to you. If you don't, guaranteed you'll forget about it and next time you see it, it will have morphed into something unrecognizable.

Somehow a jar of grape jelly got overturned in the back and the top wasn't screwed on. I know I didn't do that....but there it is. Oh the jar got righted again, but no one cleaned up what spilled. I have glass shelves so thankfully it didn't drip down onto more stuff....but it won't be fun scraping that up off the glass either. And a carton of juice with about one teaspoon left in it....what's up with that? A gallon of chocolate milk with about a half of cup left and its expired to boot., biscuits, a hamburger....all just sitting on a plate, not even covered. Oh Lord...I didn't do any of these and I thought I taught him better than this.

Lots of salad dressing in the door and most of it is expired. Those are mine. I once read that you can use those about 3 months past the expiration dates with no problem....but the problem is in your brain. You've read the date and you KNOW its expired so you find it distasteful to put it in your mouth.....the thought of it almost makes you sick. So the damage is done and you can't use it.....even if it really IS ok......which I wouldn't chance.

After I get this all nice and clean I will be a total bitch about putting stuff back in there for a while. I hope he's prepared to deal with it because I'm in the mood to throw out things like a quarter cup of corn or green beans, not to mention that teaspoon of catsup left in the bottle or the 1,900 soy sauce packets from our local Chinese restaurant. Of course you DO realize that as soon as you throw out those soy sauce packets, you will need them.

So, I'm goin' in. I have donned my version of a haz-mat suit and I'm prepared for battle. At least I'm grateful that I no longer have to DEFROST a freezer. Oh what a nightmare THAT used to be. You all have a great Saturday now.


Smocha said...

Ha! goody ,you can come do mine next.:)

I cleaned out my freezer and I had stuff in there that i had moved here ...3 years ago!

I'm saving those packs of soy sauce , hot mustard and the fortune cookies.
Never know when you might need them.

Brad said...

I totally hear you on the leftovers. It's gotta be some grade A leavings for it to go back in the fridge. We learned this long ago. All best intentions aside, it's gonna grow mold so I just feel guilty throwing away food after dinner rather then waiting till it's green.

Pad lock the fridge after your done and tell the kid to go down to home depot, spend $60 and buy a midget fridge which he can conduct his experiments in.

By-the-by - do you hear back from BCBG ? I forward your message but didn't hear anything. You might just wanna try and see if you got set up.

Sloppy-sloppy weather here today. We drove down to Olympia today (about an hour from Seattle) to see Jay's folks and take them to lunch. Snowed on the way down and poured rained/sleet/hailed/snowed all the way back - a bit of white knuckled driving - sorry for leaving a whole post in your comments !

Anonymous said...

oh we do that here too. mil regularly leaves things in the fridge that should be bio-hazardous...we once found some chicken.... should i spare the details???? LOL... good luck!

Summer said...

You've made me feel guilty about my refrigerator. Guess that's what I'll be doing today. Blech!


Anonymous said...

so, how'd it go? did you get attacked by any amoebas?

I know what you mean, if I can't see 'em when I open the door, I forget about 'em. Stuff gets pushed to the back, and two weeks later I'm surprised to see them there when I reach for something. Eww.

simonsays said...

Oh how this post made me laugh! I'm right there with you sister!

However, in the past few years, the whole leftover thing has made me become the food gestapo, I WILL not allow it to sit unwanted and unloved for more than three days. After that, out it goes. Much to the dismay of my loving, eating machine of a husband...but he now knows the rules, and will rescue the damned food as it's just about to go down the disposal, and he will sit right down and eat it! That means the beloved pork chop at breakfast, sometimes...ugh.

Have a very happy Sunday Charlotte!


boneman said...

Pretty sure that's what tupperware is for...about the packets (soy sauce, garlic butter from the pizza joint, tartar sauce from McGreasies)

On the other hand, as bachelors we have found the one shelf at a time method most efficient.
Drag one whole shelf out, complete with contents, wipe off the jars, sink clean the shelf, put the shelf back and move everything from the next shelf to there as you wipe them off, take out the empty shelf, sink clean it (we do get them really bad, so, It really needs a sink...) put it back, move the last shelf stuff to it, wiping the items off as you go, clean the last shelf, put it and the stuff you took out in the first place back in!
Or, make some popcorn, go watch some tv and say to son...
I think some iced tea will go nicely with that popcorn, don't you?

boneman said...

"....son? You just keep on cleaning while I go play on the computer some more....."

And then come on over cause I posted a star for you.
Now, before you get ovewr there, let me warn you....I figured you had a lil help the other day, and I thought you'de really rather share credit....

Life at Star's Rest said...

Hey thanks for the visit and lovely comment! Loved the fridge description and I'm looking forward to putting you on my 'regular visits' list. Camon

Cheryl said...

I'm so overdue on cleaning out my fridge. I don't keep a lot of leftovers, but the shelves need a heavy duty cleaning. It just feels so good when it's done. So, are you done?

Gypsy said...

My husband is the worst offender for this. He puts the tiniest morsels in the fridge and one day I get sick of the clutter and I find all these unrecognisable mushy things that were once solids and are now liquids. It's just disgusting.