Friday, February 1, 2008

Memories and Sentimental Value.....

How often have you taken the time to really look at the possessions you have sitting around…the knick-knacks…all those little things that mean something to you. What do they mean to you and why do you keep them. Some items stay with us for a short time, others for our entire lives. The history of each is as unique as the item itself and it takes on a personality of its own. Some are bittersweet memories, some are happy and bring an instant smile to your face, while others may invoke a chain reaction of many memories of many things. It’s almost guaranteed that none of them carry sad memories because no one likes to remember those.

The little guy above is unique in a couple ways. There is not another one of him in the entire world and it was my daughter who lovingly made him. Named Bubbha (a southern version of Buddha), I love him to pieces. Get a load of the toes! At the time of his creation, my teenaged daughter was taking art in high school and an art project was to make something that could ultimately be a gift for someone. She knew how much I adored the little Buddha statues with their smiling faces and big bellies and attempted to make me one. The result turned out to be something that looked primitive enough to have been excavated out of an African cave. She made many mistakes, but the mistakes seemed to “work” for the piece. Her teacher displayed it in the showcase and afterward asked if he could buy it from her because there was just something about it that really “spoke” to him. I’m glad she refused and gave it to me instead.

So I know the whole history of Bubbha and I’m hoping that he’ll be in the family for many years. He’s 24 years old now. He sits safely on my nightstand and every time I look at him I have to smile…he just has that effect on you. I think part of it is the toes. He was made by someone whom I love and who loves me. With the addition of each piece of clay, I was thought of and it was hoped that I would appreciate the effort being put forth. Oh I did. I still do so very much.


SOUL: said...

i love it-- and i love that you love it

Oldy said...

Love it! I'll trade you my smashed up lump of clay ashtray..LQTM

Anonymous Boxer said...

Buddha is a very powerful little guy. I have my St.Francis Statue as my "totem." Great post.

Anonymous said...

how awfully cute..arent those little keepsakes cool?

simonsays said...

I love that little guy. He looks so happy, and makes you so happy to look at it. I have things like that, that the kids have made for me, and they mean the world.

On the other hand, in reading your post, I thought of all the other "junk" I have sitting around this house, things that were not made for me, things that I don't even remember where they came from and why...and it's time for those things to go. I have got to clean out "those things". Do you have those, too?

I hope you are having a great weekend. :)

Summer said...

She's quite talented. Does she still sculpt?

The Real Mother Hen said...

Your daughter has a good heart, and it shows in this piece of art.

I do believe that statue has the spirit of the creator. If the creator has a good soul, it will show.

hensteeth said...

(My mother used to say that something "spoke" to her. Or didn't.)

Your daughter imbued herself into that clay. And gave away part of herself to you in the gift.

That's selflessness. And love.

And Mother love back at ya.

Thank you for sharing.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Soul ~ Thank you.

Oldy ~ ummmm, thanks anyway, but I think I'll keep it. LQTM

Anonymous Boxer ~ Yes, I love Buddha and I do have several of the little guys sitting around.

jyankee ~ Keepsakes hold a special place in our hearts, that's for sure.

Jamie ~ Yes, he does make one happy to look at should see him in person!

Summer ~ No, she never felt she had any talent in that area. The lopsided coffee mug sort of did her in. lol

Mother Hen ~ Yes, she DOES have a good heart..she would do anything for you. Her soul is as true and kind as anyone ever had. I'm proud of that.

Hensteeth ~ Her love is indeed very deep and I know she put a lot of love into this work. I can feel it every time I look at it.

Kelly Jene said...

Too cool! I love it... an instant smile-bringer. Great post!

Gypsy said...

I'm slowly coming out of hibernation Val. I would love to see a close up of that little guy. I would pay good money for that though I know you would never part with it. I have a bottom drawer full of little treasures my daughters have made me and they are priceless beyond measure.

Anonymous said...

That is just wonderful! I'd treasure something like that.

Heather said...

I blow glass and have to say that some of my best pieces are 'accidents' they don't come out the way I plan, no matter how I try but they sure are beautiful. I haven't charged for any pieces yet, I've just given them away, but people know I've put my heart into making it. I'd like to think that the pieces I give are as loved as the piece your daughter made you.
Heather BT
BTW, How did you find us, I'm curious.