Thursday, February 28, 2008

Winter BLAHS and phones.....

How I wish I could say that I had stuffed my ample self into a bikini and was basking in the warmth of the Cancun sun, being served exotic drinks by a cabana boy that would ultimately be the subject of several stimulating day dreams…..but, unfortunately, I can’t. Truthfully, I am suffering from a severe case of the winter BLAHS. I can hardly stand myself, let alone expose others to me. I am just SO SICK OF SNOW. As I write this we have been issued yet another winter snow advisory…3 more inches of the nasty stuff.

In the meantime…trying to distract myself….I was thinking about changes that happen in our lives and they take place so smoothly that we come to accept them without much thought. I know that there are many of them, but I was thinking specifically about pay phones. How long has it been since you’ve used one of those? Matter of fact…how long has it been since you’ve SEEN one of those? They are getting harder and harder to find. Everyone has cell phones now or pretty quick access to one anyway. I can’t BELIEVE how many cell phones are out there, generating so many new phone numbers. Every time I see a teenager, they have an appendage hanging from their ear or one clipped onto it and they are engaged in a conversation. And WHAT is this text messaging bit…it takes a lot of time to type out a message, why not just CALL the person. I just DON’T understand this. A lot of businesses and doctor’s offices now have signs at their service counters asking people if they would please not talk on their cell phone while conducting business. That seems like a no-brainer to me…but some people are a tad slow on the uptake. I personally know people who have 6 cell phones in their family. Children who are 10 years old are walking around with cell phones. Its nice to be able to contact your child no matter where they are, but its also unnerving to think that they may SAY they are at home, when maybe they aren’t at all and you have no way of knowing. So, while we are at work, we definitely have to really put trust in our children. I have a cell phone but I rarely use it. I keep it with me for emergencies and for weekend long distance calls to family. I have friends that say cell phones are cheaper than regular landline phones and they have changed their service accordingly. Anyway, this was just a thought bouncing around in my head…wondering if pay phones will soon totally disappear and if not, how much it will soon cost to make a call…I’m betting on fifty cents. (if it isn’t that already) A quarter doesn’t go very far anymore. Ever drive into the QUARTER car wash…HA, that’s a laugh. You’ll get about 1 gallon of water for that. LOL

So, have a wonderful evening. I’m going back to my book in hopes it will bring me out of these winter doldrums. Sigh ~


SOUL: said...

just so ya know-- i did recently hear a rumour.. pay phones will soon be a thing of the past.

and as for cell phones being cheaper-- that may be true== but i also heard-- when getting credit-- landlines make it easier-- if you don't have a landline you are liable to be turned down.
also-- as for my own use-- we have three cells--and a landline-- and it's killin me. every month i say i'm cancellin the landline-- do i? noooooo. why? who knows.


happy thursday!

Brad said...

What kills me are the folks who think it's ok to walk around in public (with kids around) swearing like sailors into their phones. But I'm just an old grump.

Heather said...

I can't wait until Acer is old enough to use a cell phone. I'm going to get him one with GPS so I know where he is!
Heather BT

Kelly Jene said...

Poor Val, I'm sorry you're so down. Make your living room a sanctuary. That's what I do when I get like that. I put candles up everywhere, close all the curtains, light some incense, I wish we had a fireplace. But make it a place for you so you can "get away" from it all.

As for phones... I have seen a couple by the grocery store... last time I walked by one it was 40 cents. Sheesh.

My 11 year old doesn't have a cell and he won't unless he gets a job at 16.
As for texting, I'm guilty. I hate talking on the phone, so I just text people. :)
My beef is with the people with those little blue things hanging out there ears. You think they are talking to you until they point to that stupid little thing. Grr!
Hugs and love for you!

fiwa said...

Hang in there dearheart, the time change is coming soon, and that will help. I have the winter blues too - I feel so lethargic I can hardly drive home at night without nodding off.

I know what you mean about the cell phones, it drives me crazy that people are so attached to them that they have to talk while grocery shopping. But then again, I don't know what I'd do without mine.

Hope you feel better. Sending you my love
fiwa :)

PS, my prescription for the blues is an amaretto sour!

JYankee said...

it is a thing of the past here too...poor MIL doesnt use a cell she has to walk around trying to find a pay phone when she wants us to come pick her up!

simonsays said...

I know exactly what you mean about the winter's been hell, hasn't it? Soon, spring will be here, SOON. Please say it will...

I wondereda about pay phones the other day, too. They really are a thing of the past. I HATE my cell phone. But I cannot be without it. It's a love/hate relationship of the truest kind.

Have a good Friday!

Gypsy said...

How funny that you should bring this up. Only tonight when I was picking up the kids, I saw a young guy walk into a pay phone booth. I must have passed it a million times and had never even noticed it probably because I have never needed it. I think once they get vandalised here they just don't fix them anymore, they just remove them.

Times they are a changing. I must admit I'd be lost without my phone.

Anonymous Boxer said...

I recently looked into a pay phone on the corner of where I work; there was no phone.

Even the migrant workers waiting on the corner have cell phones.

Spring is just around the corner..... and next weekend is daylight savings.