Saturday, February 16, 2008

Snow plow manners.....

With all the snow we’ve had, its been a good year for the plowing companies not to mention all the people who love to play with their snow blowers or the plows on their trucks. I guess none of them stop to realize that when you use such an item, a certain amount of etiquette goes along with its use.

Some subdivisions are worse than others. Where I live, I haven’t had a problem with the shoveled or plowed snow. My neighbor does get a bunch in front of his mailbox occasionally from the guy across the street. I figure the first time it interferes with his mail delivery, words will be spoken.

The subdivision in which my daughter lives in just terrible. This year was especially bad. So much so that she even inquired at the police department if any of this was illegal; its not, as long as its not impeding traffic. There are several families in her subdivision that are related to one another. I suspect that they would love to have her move as her house sits in the middle of their ‘circle’. Every Fall, she gets the leaves blown into her yard by these neighbors on both sides of her (the neighbors are related to each other, parents and daughter). My daughter pays to have a yard man come and take them away as burning is forbidden in our town. So she is basically paying to have THEIR leaves removed too as they have been blown into her yard. This has been going on for nearly ten years now. Even though it is frustrating, nothing has really been said because no real damage is being done by the leaves.

Every year they do the same thing with the snow, but this year, because of the increased amount, its been much more noticed. They paid someone to plow their driveways on both sides of my daughter and they pushed the snow right in front of her house, in her front yard. It looks like the Great Wall of China. Its absolutely ridiculous. This is causing inconvenience as far as getting in and out of her driveway, but it is going to also cause flooding when it all decides to melt. I’ve watched Court on TV before and have heard about some of these petty things neighbors argue about that sometimes escalate into a lot of damage being done to both parties. I always thought it was being over-played, but now I can understand the frustration. Talk about the neighbors from Hell!

How can people be so small-minded that they can’t see the problems their inconsiderate acts cause others? I wish I knew a simple solution for her, other than moving. I do suspect that if she weren’t a single mom and if she had a man there, I really don’t think the neighbors would do this to her. Enter stage left…..her brother (my son). He is furious over this and I do expect that he is going to do something….as to what, I will have to let you know. I just ask that he doesn’t embarrass us or do anything illegal. Sigh ~ never a dull moment.


simonsays said...

That IS ridiculous! It's hard for me to understand that there is no law broken in all of this, as there seems to be the stupidest laws on everyhting else..if we blow leaves or grass clippings into the street, it's breaking a city ordinance, and we are fined - but doing that to a neighbor, isn't a law there? Hmmm..

You sound so much like me, worrying what will be next - afer awhile, you just can't help it, can you?

Hang in...there will always be more for us to worry about. :)

Kelly Jene said...

How infuriating! And rude! Grrr... I try to be a nice person, but stuff like this just gets me going. I get ticked if a neighbor parks in my spot, I couldn't imagine the snow issue. There has got to be some route for her to take! You need to find a large group of men and have them .. um.. redistribute the snow. Yes, thats a good way to put it.


SOUL: said...

how bout a flame thrower??? melt the stuff and let it drown the rats--- i mean neighbors..

Anonymous said...

ha ha soul...good one...but there are stupids in EVERY crowd.... you would think that they would use some common sense..but nooooo... papa bean always says..."have to use some of that brain fluid while you're still around to use it" apparently some people dont... LOL gosh i hope this all gets settled, but undoubtedly wont will it...


how dreadful! This is when I'd kick in overdrive and go out of my way to be butter sweet with the neighbors..yellow food coloring looks pretty in white snow. :)

what a bunch of crooked crops! I think a video camera hidden somewhere sounds good for documentation...that's not right.

People should be shoveling her driveway and helping her. Being a single parent is so difficult!


Golden To Silver Val said...

Jamie ~ Just the law of common courtesy, I guess. Can't even get them for dumping since the material is not stable. I just keep thinking KARMA.

Kelly ~ I think we may consider putting up a fence...that would stop a lot of it. Now if we can just the money

Soul ~ I'd like to burn their arses with it. lol

jyankee ~ isn't that the truth...there always has to be a bully somewhere in the bushes.

Crusty ~ what makes it all worse is that she is disabled from a vehicle accident. She just recently lost her job because she was no longer able to do the strenuous work of a mail carrier. Yes, you'd THINK they would offer to do it for her.

Gypsy said...

I just hate rude and inconsiderate people and these people sound like they are top of the pile. Bastards.

I hope your son puts the fear of God into them without buying himself trouble into the bargain. What a shame she can't get someone to blow all the snow back into their yards. Tit for tat if that's how they're going to play it. I say again....bastards. (Oooh sorry, can I say that here)

Golden To Silver Val said...

Gypsy-girl ~ I feel exactly the same way you do about them...and yes, they ARE bastards! (you don't know the half of it) My daughter deserves a medal for putting up with all these people have done to her. (p.s. you can say anything you want gypsy, lol)

hensteeth said...

Wow, do I get this. And feel the greatest sympathy for your daughter's situation.

Once upon a time, our neighbors started up a meth lab. Even after successfully contacting the alphabet agencies, it turns out they had to be caught in the act. By a local system that wanted them caught.

We moved, after spending another three years putting all our meager resources, and a whole lot of praying, into our great escape.

Here's hoping something positive happens to make your daughter's neighborly life normal again.

SOUL: said...

that too.
happy tuesday!