Sunday, February 10, 2008

Things that make me cranky.....

- A person who constantly interrupts

- Having to wait in line for a long time

- Phone or door-to-door solicitors

- Finding the toilet paper roll empty or with only one square left on it

- Milk carton in fridge with only a teaspoon of milk left in it

- Junk mail

- Natural citizens who assault the English language

- Anyone with a wad of gum the size of Manhattan in their mouth

- Being hungry

- Commercials that come on TV twice as loud as the program you’re watching

- Borrowed things that aren’t returned

- Unfinished projects

So, I will stop here with the last thing on this list and comment about that one, even though Lord knows I have more things that make me cranky. I asked my son ….oh, I don’t know….maybe 2 months ago…. about redoing my bathroom. The wallpaper had seen MUCH better days and I wanted it taken down, the walls prepped and then painted. Well, he started on it one day while I was at work as a surprise to me. I came home to a MESS. Only one wall had been worked on and it was only half done. But the bathroom had been emptied of everything. I had some cube shelves in there for my towels and washcloths and also some bath products. The very top of the shelves held a basket with my makeup, so positioned because of my two little granddaughters who just LOVE to get into grandma’s makeup. All the things I had hanging on the walls were gone, including some decorative shelves and another one that’s used to hang the blow drier and curling iron. Now I want you to imagine someone taking all the little things you use to get ready for the day every day and putting them in another room in various boxes. That, in itself, is bad enough….but multiply the number of days that things are ‘out of place’ to equal more than a month and your mood meter just goes off the chart. I have to HUNT for almost everything and its gotten on my last nerve. I finally had to get on to him about finishing this job before I curled up in a fetal position in the corner.

So he worked on it the last few days and I watched my granddaughter while he was doing this. (A major reason why I have not been online much.) The paper finally was off all the walls and when I saw them, I remembered why I papered them in the first place….oh so many years ago. They were not in such good shape….screw holes where old towel racks had once hung and uneven places where the wall had been repaired by previous owners. Wallpaper hides a myriad of flaws. So, the walls are finally spackled and prepped and are awaiting the paint, which I have yet to pick out a color. I could go with anything since the ceramic tile floor is white and the tile around the shower area is a light gray. My shower curtain has a white background with pastel blue and pink. I really don’t want to replace it. I was thinking of LIGHT mauve walls. Maybe in a faux finish. You do know how this ‘simple’ little redo can snowball, don’t you?


SOUL: said...

isn't it a joy????
it all sounds so fun.
bettah you-- than me.

i'll never take on another home repair project again. ever.

hopefully the finish will go smoothly for you.
happy sunday-

Bill said...

Well, I just worked on replacing a faucet in my bathroom, after 4 trips to the hardware store, 7 towels, and all, it is up and running!!! However, now the one in the kitchen is leaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, miss all you guys at the township!


Golden To Silver Val said...

Soul ~ lawdy lawdy...if you only knew the messes I've created and have had to clean up. WHY do I keep doing this? Although I will have to say that the finished projects have always turned out nicely.

Bill ~ somehow working with WATER on the very coldest night we've had in years just makes me physically ill. 25 below zero wind chill with an actual temp of 2 below is nothing to sneeze at...or get wet and go out in. brrrrrrr

Gypsy said...

At the moment we are still suffering the after shocks of the blocked drain in the bathroom debacle. Hubby has had to cut up HUGE slabs of concrete to find the inspection point and there is dust and wet cement EVERYWHERE. He found the inspection point which is good but it was buried under about 5 inches of concrete where nobody would ever find it. Idiots!! Did they think that was just sitting there for no good reason when they decided to cement over it?

I hope he puts it all back together before he goes away - it looks like a construction site right outside the bathroom window.

Kelly Jene said...

Ugh, remodeling can suck. Do we get to see pictures when it's done??

I loved your cranky list. The one that made me giggle was the commercial comment. That is so stinking true! Especially if the program is kinda quiet so you have to turn the volume up, then the commercials come and you go deaf while suffering a heart attack! :)

Anonymous said...

mmm remodeling can suck..but im glad papa bean is good on things like that... i mean getting them done once they're started... i hear you on the one block of toilet paper...esp when there are four adults in this house and someone could've REPLACED that diminishing roll with a NEW one... LOL

mapiprincesa! said...

Oh, of COURSE it won't snowball... a-hem.

Being the "do-it-yourselfer" of this home, I am also one of the mindset that I cannot stand to have projects left half-done; thus, I suppose, that makes me a good do-it-yourselfer. But now, alas, with two young-uns--the doing is safest now outside in the garden and not inside the house, shall we say?

By the way, I appreciate your wisdom, advice and every single thing you have to say. Never feel censored...

Be well, Val!

hensteeth said...

I was just having this same wallpaper in the bathroom discussion. And then we realized that what we thought was texture under the old owner's pick of ugly floral pattern was actually walls in horrible shape.

My crystal balls says there is wallpapering in my future. Something nice and thick to hide the flaws.

After we finish the whole house painting job we started two years ago.

You know how that tee shirt saying goes? Procrastinators unite...tomorrow.

simonsays said...

Yes, I do know how the little "re-dos" can and usually do end up being huge messes, that end up way more trouble than originally thought to be, not to mention that once you do this thing, you have to do that thing....and it never, ever ends. Been there, done that. :)

Hang will look fab when you are finished. And be worth it.

Cranky? Yes, I know cranky well, he's been my friend alot recently.