Tuesday, February 19, 2008

An Award to Pass On.....

Soul gave me this award and made me feel great. Its wonderful to receive a compliment, isn't it? I had a smile on my face the rest of the day. Thank you again, Soul-friend. So now I am passing this on. Soul, Jamie and Gypsy certainly would also have been on my list of recipients but they already have this award. I pass this lovely award on to the following:

FIWA... because she is my daily dose of sunshine. A more caring or compassionate person you will never find. You just want to have her for a best friend cause you just know she's loved by everyone. So FIWA, come get your award and have some coffee and cinnamon rolls with me.

Kelly Jene.... because through all the pain she has, she has never lost her faith and love in God and in HERSELF. She's had some rough times and still manages to set a wonderful example for her boys. Good things are going to come your way soon. Come get your award and stay for coffee and rolls with us.

Hensteeth....because every time I visit your site your exquisite prose has taken my breath away. Such beautiful thoughts send my mind back.... waking memories I had tucked away and forgotten about. It takes love to write like this and Hensteeth certainly spreads this love to all who read her posts. Thank you for that. Come get your award from me and stay for coffee and rolls with us.

Bill and Heather.....because they have so much love that they have adopted a child with special needs and are thinking of adopting another child who is also blind. Thank God for people like Heather and Bill, who shower their love on children that many ignore. I have personally seen how their son is flourishing in their loving care. So come get your award, you two, and stay for coffee and sweets. Oh yeah, Bill....my faucet is leaking in the kitchen, so while you're here........


Brad said...

congrats love - that is sweet.

fiwa, I know and love, but now you've given me the gift of some more bloggers to check out. Thanks for that !

Be well you love spreader !

Bill said...

Awwww.... Thanks! We don't think of it as anything special, just something that we have been called to do.... And WHERE did you get that awesome award? We want to give it to some people ourselves!!!!


JYankee said...

You certainly deserve it... wear it proudly on your blog!

hensteeth said...

What a lovely compliment. Thank you.

I didn't realize how brave I was when I first put my thoughts into words. And braver still to invite other folks to actually read them.

(Memory is often for me a tough journey.)

Blogging is a testament to the kindnesses of strangers who touch our hearts. And become friends. Like you.

Thank you for the coffee, and for remembering Lillian's roll. And thank you most of all for that great big hug!


Congratulations on the award, you are definitely deserving of it!

Have a great week! Anymore news on the snowneighbors? :) hahahahahah.


Gypsy said...

Someone gave it to me? Really? I hadn't heard. Yep I think I am slowly losing the plot....hahaha. I know Kelly and Hensteeth and they and your good self of course are very worthy winners.

Enjoy your morning tea and you never know, I may even join you. Sigh....wish that that were possible.

fiwa said...

Aaawww Val, thank you! *Hugs*
I'm not surprised someone gave you that award, they obviously are very smart, and now I will have to head over to their blog to check them out (and your awardees) too. Congratulations to you, sweet lady, and thank you for sharing it with me. I will display it proudly.

I have missed you! Thank you for the recipe below - I have always wanted to put together a seasoning mix but just never got around to it. I have the perfect bottle for it now, and the recipe, so I will get to it.

Love & hugs -

Kelly Jene said...

Ah, Val, you dang near brought a tear to my eye. My very fist blog award! Thank you so much. Ok, so there is a tear.

And if I could I'd give it right back to you. I look forward to your encouraging comments and spicy blog posts. You are dear!

simonsays said...

Ahh Val, you are such a sweetheart, and if I could, I would LOVE to have coffee and rolls with you...and I might even try to fix that faucet, just for the privledge of being there. But the emphasis would be on the word try...teehee

I think it's sweet that you see me as the spreader of love, recently, I feel like the spreader of something, but LOVE doesn't exactly rush to mind.

SOUL: said...


i am sure this is the first of many awards for you charlotte!
happy thursday!

simonsays said...

Are you okay charlotte? I am a bit worried about you, I know that a shock like that can take the wind out of our sails...was it someone that you were close to - a friend as well as a co worker? I'm terribly sorry. :(

Kelly Jene said...

Have a good weekend Val! Hugs..

Bill said...

Still didn't tell me what to do to post that award.... Let me know...


Heather said...

Bill Figured out, tonight, how to post this award, thanks loads!
Heather BT