Saturday, March 26, 2011

Just a quickie.....

Yes, unfortunately, I had to have another shot. Finally, today, my eye has stopped complaining but its still all red. The eye doctor was very happy with things when he looked at all the images of my eye. He said the problem has almost completely reversed itself. This second shot should keep it from happening again. I'm still not seeing as well as I once could, but he's optimistic that my sight will improve with time and the distortion will go away. My next appointment is in 6 weeks.

We drove down there and back in freezing rain. Thank goodness my daughter is a good driver and I felt at ease with her behind the wheel. Because of the weather, school had been canceled and we had to take my granddaughter with us. She was very good. She had brought along about 1,900 Barbies to occupy her time there. We stopped on the way home and had brunch. By the time we finished, the numbness was wearing off and my eye was beginning to really hurt. I was glad we were only a mile away from home at that point.

My granddaughter took her test for her orange belt in Karate today and obtained it. She is one proud little girl......and we are very proud of her as well. She is FLOURISHING at her new school. She gets up in the morning and is anxious to go. At her old school, she hated going and would leave the house in tears every morning. They advised my daughter that she was failing, yet at this new school, she has tested right at grade level and one grade higher in reading. I think she was so upset all the time at the old school that she had given up and wasn't even trying anymore. I'm so grateful that we got her out of there. Its awful to see a child so unhappy....especially when you can fix it. One of my daughter's friends is also pulling her two children out of that school. I really do think that things need to be investigated there. And another thing....KUMON, where my granddaughter has been enrolled since last fall, has gotten so overcrowded that they have had to move into bigger quarters! Parents are dissatisfied with the public school system and their lack of interest in actually TEACHING. More and more of them are doing just what my daughter did....enrolling their children in programs that will actually teach them something. I suspect something will be done very soon to improve our inefficient and defective school system.....which, in years past was one of the best in the state. Parents are not going to put up with it much longer.

I think Smocha may be right about it being Firefox that's causing my problems with Blogger. Even though a lot of you have said you can see the Followers pictures.....I cannot. But they are all still listed when I look them up on my account. So, obviously more research is necessary. Hopefully one day I'll sign on and they will mysteriously be there. LOL

Hope everyone is doing OK in your little corners of the world. Here, we are anxiously awaiting flowers and green grass. Even though the calendar says its Spring....Ma Nature has a different idea. Its 24 out right now. Keep smilin'! (so much for a "quickie" post....sorry, I just got to rambling.)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Followers......where did they go?

All the little pictures of my followers have disappeared. Anyone else have this problem? Sometimes Blogger acts very strangely and then in a few days it straightens itself out. I've been waiting for about 3 days now, but my Followers have not reappeared.

So, all of you that were/are "following" me......I did not delete you. I'm hoping they will all return as suddenly as they disappeared. If not, I'm hoping I can find out how to "fix" it. Any help you can offer is appreciated.

Tomorrow I go back to the dreaded eye doctor and freezing rain is predicted ALL DAY LONG. Yep, I'm in good shape all right. If my fear of doctors doesn't do me in, my fear of sliding all over icy roads should do the trick.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm still here.....

I've just sorta been like Snoopy on a lazy day....trying hard not to think about my next appointment with the dreaded eye doctor. This time I know what to expect and, of course, that sets off a nice case of nerves. That event will take place next Wednesday, the 23rd.

I sure do wish I could have said that my eyesight was back to normal....or even just near normal, but sadly, that's just not the case. The floatie has dissolved but my actual eyesight is still distorted and blurry in areas in that one eye. He did say it may take a few I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I'm trying not to think about any of it.

In the meantime, I've been keeping busy as much as possible; working, reading and sleeping. HA! Actually, I've been working on a logo for a friend of my daughter's. He has a relatively new business and wants it for that. No wonder people who do that for a living make so much money. It's HARD WORK. It not only pulls on all your creativity, its also very time-consuming. What he wanted me to draw free hand did not turn out to my now I'm looking for an alternate method. know I have to be in the right mood to even work on this kind of stuff. I haven't gotten very far on it.....but I have made some progress.

Granddaughter is doing well in school and in Karate. She will be testing for the orange belt in a few weeks. Grandson has moved in with his girlfriend and the first thing they did was get a kitten! A Bengal kitten! I certainly hope they did not bite off more than they can chew as I've heard these cats demand lots of attention and are very vocal if they don't get it. Time will tell.

Sorry I've been so rotten about posting but there just hasn't been anything worth writing about going on.....and I know you all don't want to hear about my aches, pains and ailments. Its raining here right now and supposed to get up to the 60's by Thursday. Maybe that warm weather will give me a boost of energy....ya think??

Oh is my birthday. (nonchalantly throwing handful of confetti in air) We are going to do something as a family this weekend for it. All I want is a cake and no fuss. I remember when birthdays used to be fun and full of surprises. Now it just makes you amazed that you've chalked up another year and managed to stay out of jail. Keep smilin' everyone. Thanks for visiting.