Thursday, February 24, 2011

The story continues.....

I went back to the retina specialist for my checkup. My vision was still bad in that eye even though the floatie had mostly dissolved. This time they only dilated the eye that was giving me the problem. And sure vision tested much worse. Back to the scans and photo-imaging. End result is that I have now developed something in that eye totally a separate issue from the 'floatie ordeal'. Its something called myopic degeneration, not to be confused with macular degeneration. But its just as serious as far as I'm concerned.

About what I understood is that since I'm so near-sighted (myopic) the retina has thinned over the years and its gotten thin enough that blood vessels had started growing up through it. This has just started to happen and it was caught right away and the cure rate is extremely good because of that. My vision has been distorted because the blood vessels have changed the surface of the retina. I'm no doctor by any means, but this is what I understood. Anyway, I have to have injections to my eye. I had the first one Wednesday. Yes! Injections IN my eye. Sounds awful and I didn't dare let myself think about it. This medicine is supposed to shrink the blood vessels and make them retreat.

He washed my eye down with Betadine (that's probably spelled wrong).....which I did feel. Then he numbed my eye.....which I also felt. But the actual injection.....I did not feel. Thank God!

When I got out of there it looked like I had been the loser in a fist fight. My eye was swollen and extremely red. I have to put antibiotic drops in it and also liquid tears in it. Today its sore and feels like someone put a handful of sand in it. The liquid tears help that. I have to be careful of infection. Eyes seem to heal fast and I can already see and feel an improvement and its only been a bit over 24 hours since I had this done. What they injected me with is usually used for some other disease and therefore my insurance will not cover it. Its $82. I have to have another one in a month. Hopefully that will be it. Hopefully.

The doctor's office called me this morning to check on me and see how I was doing. I think that is extremely thoughtful and something a lot of doctors fail to do anymore. is everyone else doing?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Well.....I drew a pig

My friend sent me an email with a link to a personality test in which you "draw a pig". So, being adventurous, I decided.....why not. I drew the pig (as best I could using mouse and cursor) and the results amazed me because they are more true than you could imagine. LOL

Go here if you want to read it. Go here if you want to take the test yourself. To be fair to your own test....don't read my results until you've drawn your own pig and received your own.

In other eye keeps improving but my sight in that eye is still very bad. My appointment has been changed to the 23rd so hopefully by then I will notice a bigger difference.

My daughter is pulling her 8 year old out of the public school system. We are both deeply disgusted with the things that have been going on at that school. We have waited for a year and a half for things to get better but they have not. We thought that perhaps it was the teacher she had last year and we were willing to see if things changed this year with a different teacher. Some things improved but others have not and the children.....for the most part....are just plain MEAN...and they are getting away with it. She will be attending a private Christian school starting Monday. Stay tuned for updates.

Hope all is ok in your little corners of the world.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


or....a little bit of a bunch of things.

First eye. It has improved but its been happening so frustratingly slow. My vision is still distorted and it really throws my depth perception off. My follow-up appointment is in 10 days, so hopefully I will be all better by then.

The blizzard is old news by now. We did not get nearly as much as was first predicted (24")....thank goodness. But we did get about 10 inches and its snowing again today. They say we may get another 4" to add to what's already on the ground. The wind was miserable though. It was coming out of the north which made it even more cold or maybe it was just the thought of "north wind" that did it. At one point my sliding glass door froze closed. LOL, I guess that's a heck of a lot better than having it freeze open! My poor little dog had to go out in snow that was as deep as she is tall. She took it all in stride though. She went out, did her business and then was at the door ready to come back in to the warmth.

We are breaking in our new supervisor at work. None of us quite know what to expect and most of us are a little bit nervous. He's probably just as nervous about us. Its been amusing to watch some of the employees interact with him. I guess I can safely say that there have been no surprises.....the suck ups were at their best and the lazy ones were breaking their arms patting themselves on their own backs, trying to convince him how much work they do. Its unbelievable. Anyone could see through what they are trying to do.....I'm shocked that they can't see it themselves.

My daughter had a friend.....a man her own age. (40's) She's known him for quite a few years but they've only just been friends. She thought highly of him. They tossed around the thought of perhaps him moving in with her and sharing expenses. She has a huge extra bedroom and he said he could help her around the house doing stuff that she can't shoveling snow for example. They enjoy each other's company and get along well. He stayed over at Christmas and was included in our family festivities as well as dinner. A few days later, after he'd left, she noticed that half of her medications were missing. The pain pills she has to take as well as muscle relaxers. To say that she is devastated over this is an understatement. Now we've found out that he has a drug problem. We haven't seen him since then. He's not stupid....he knows that she has missed her meds by now. What was really sad is that she had to go 20 days in pain.....just because this addict wanted to get 'high'.....she had to suffer. This is why my daughter has trust issues. This is the second time this has happened to her....the first time it was a babysitter that did it. And no....she didn't make a police report. Even though she is 100% sure he took them, she has no real proof. He was once an honorable man and he has to live with what he's done and I know it will eventually haunt him. And we know why "his own family" was not helping him out. He's been unemployed for a year, getting unemployment and hasn't even been looking for work. It should have raised flags with us, but we've known him for so just didn't. and learn.

On a happier 8 yr. old granddaughter has energy to burn and has been getting yelled at in school because she never stops moving. We figure busy hands are happy hands so my daughter enrolled her in Karate school. She goes Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Top that with taking Kumon (tutoring for math and reading) on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays as well...... plus bible school on Wednesday evening, this little girl doesn't have much spare time. However, my daughter is totally exhausted!

Well, I'm going to cuddle up with a good book....its snowing like crazy outside and the perfect night to do something along those lines. Whatever you're safe. And...of course....keep smilin'!!