Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Old Hand Pump.....

Ever used one of these? They are a rarity anymore. I recently saw a picture much like this one and it triggered some warm and wonderful memories for me.

I've mentioned before that I was raised on a small farm. We had more chickens than anything else and the chicken coop was quite impressive....as chicken coops go. Ours were not free range chickens but the fenced yard that kept them out of our garden as well as everything else was very large. Inside the coop was a hand pump just like this one pictured. My dad and I both shared the love of the crystal clear ice cold water that this pump would bring to the surface. In the summer, several times a day you would find us in the chicken coop getting a nice long drink from the long handled drinking cup that hung nearby. Some days I almost ache with yearning to just have a sip of that water again. I have tasted nothing that can come remotely close to that particular strain of "nature's wine".

My family is all buried in a very small cemetery that is only about 2 miles from where I now live and 2 miles from the farm on which I grew up. Under a tree, positioned in the approximate middle of the cemetery was a hand pump so you could water the flowers you planted on the graves of your loved ones. I was disappointed many years ago when I saw that the pump had been replaced by a modern spigot. At the risk of appearing to be a person without perception....I really don't like all the changes that have happened in my little corner of the world. I used to know everyone because my dad knew everyone. Not so anymore. The farm that was home to me was sold many years ago, torn down, sub-divided and a huge apartment complex built on the land. The only things remaining are the two huge mulberry trees that used to be in our front yard. I'm glad they were spared.

I think I may be entering another phase of my life....some things that interested me before no longer have the appeal they once had. I don't watch much TV anymore, finding more programs to be witless and dull than ones that entice you to tune in. The "reality TV" has definitely lost its appeal for me....they have over-done it. We need more comedies I think. Comedies that us older folks can identify with....instead of everything being geared toward teenagers. Something to help us relax in the evening and have a good laugh. We'll see what this Fall holds for us.

My computer is sick and is at my guru's place being looked at. He thinks its a 'bug'....I don't. I think some files got corrupted ONCE AGAIN after some power outages we had recently. I'm using my old stand-by that's showing its age....but hanging in there. Kinda like me. LOL

My attitude is not a lot better than it was on July 3, my last post. I really can't say its any one thing.....it seems to be MANY things. It was as if my writing ability just packed its bags and moved away. I hope its only temporary and I will soon feel creative again. The summer has been hot and I'm not complaining. I keep thinking of all the snow and the cold from last winter and the heat of the summer is more than welcome in my book. If it makes those of you who are in the snow belt feel any better, I've read that we are supposed to have a mild winter. I hope so.

My friends, if you have stuck with me and checked here often for a new post.....I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You've been patient and for that I wish I could reward you with a witty, laugh til you pee post.....but I can't think of anything like that just yet. Hopefully....it won't be long and I can at least post something that's interesting. I hope everything has been well in your little corners of the world and I'll be back in just a few days. As always.....keep smilin'.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Attitude adjustment.....

Sorry I have been so neglectful. Real life, as you know, takes priority over blog life. My attitude needs some serious working on....too many things....too much drama.

So until I can get things into perspective and until I start feeling good about some things again, I'm going to say "so long".

I will still be visiting everyone because I love you all but I may not comment. I just hope you don't forget about me. I will be back in a little while.

Have a SAFE and memorable holiday weekend. Enjoy the simple things.....the small things. And try to keep a sense of humor about the things that attempt to pull you down.

See you soon. Keep smilin'.