Saturday, December 29, 2012

Laughter is, indeed, contagious......

This has been around for a while but a friend recently sent it to me and I laughed just as hard as the first time I heard it.
I figure we ALL need a good laugh about now.  Listen to this and not laugh.....I double-dog dare you! 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

I'm done, I'm done.......well, almost done

You can't even see the bed in my guest/computer room due to all the packages, wrapping paper and miscellaneous other stuff......but I'm done.  The groceries are all in. Of course they have to be cooked....but at least they are here.

I thought I was done a few days ago but someone gave me an unexpected present and I had to scramble to find them something in return. Truth be told, everything was so picked over at this late date that I ended up giving away something I had bought for myself a few months ago and had never gotten around to using it. The recipient was delighted. Now that's the spirit of real giving....I don't know if I can find a replacement....but I'm glad I made someone happy.  I've had to work a lot, filling in for vacations taken usually at this time of year. I'm tired.

We had several days of gloomy, rainy weather. Since I go into work when it's dark and come home when it's dark.....that rainy driving is a tense situation for me. I have problems driving at night anyway. They need to paint those lines bright fluorescent lime green so you can see them better. Probably people behind me figured I was drunk because I was sometimes right ON the lane line. I'm very thankful when I pull into my garage each night and tell God so right then and there. Then the weather changed and it got COLD and windy. Gusts to over 50 mph and there were some power outages. Thank God it wasn't around here. The wind chill for the last two days has been SEVEN. Brrrrrrrr.  Friday the snow came in and with the wind, it was a blizzard. I'm just glad we didn't get more snow than we did. We probably didn't score much more than 2 or 3 inches of the dreaded white stuff.

We have decided to make our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve and open a few things then as well. Christmas Day we can then fully relax and enjoy the the kids open their gifts and maybe watch some movies. Dinner will be easy as all we have to do is warm up left-overs. We're doing this because I have to go back to work the day after Christmas and I'd like to have one day to relax before I get back into the old routine again.  Since we all fight over the white meat on the turkey, I bought two turkey breasts.....ALL white meat.  I did this once before and it worked out so well with nothing going to waste.

I had to laugh about this. I've been doing my old trick (random act of kindness) by buying the person's order who is behind me in the drive-up at Dunkin' Donuts. I have a set limit I won't go over but most orders fall within my limit and I know I've surprised quite a few people.  Well, my boss gave me a Christmas card with a pre-paid Dunkin' donuts card in it.....just about the amount I've spent this year on my random acts of kindness. So kindnesses you do, really DO come back to you in one form or another.  He has no idea that I do these little random it made it even more special.

At this time of year it's hard for me to keep a smile on my face and to keep a good mood....mainly because I have so many things that need to be done. There are more people than you would think that come into work and complain about the dumbest things at this time of year. I truly think they are miserable and lonely and this is their way of getting attention around the holidays.

My sense of humor packed its bags and left town a few years ago. I managed to get some of it back but now I've noticed that my Patience left also.  Patience left me a suicide note so I don't think I'll ever get it back again.....or maybe Patience just told me that so I wouldn't try and hunt it down. So.....I'm without Patience and very little sense of humor and when I go grocery shopping, seated on my little riding cart....I am NOT anyone to mess with. Even so.....I still do have some fairness and so I ended up splitting the last 10 boxes of squash in the county with another woman who looked equally as frazzled.  Merry Christmas sister.....I know what you're going through.

Merry Christmas to all of you. If you don't celebrate Christmas, Merry or Happy whatever or whoever you believe in. My desire is to wish good things to good people. May this coming year be kind to us.....we are battle scarred and desperately need it.  Big hugs. I love you all.  Above all.....keep smilin'.