Saturday, March 9, 2013

Finally, an opportunity.......

for me to reward my loyal readers!  I am so excited to do this and I hope everyone who takes advantage of this really scores some super bargains.

The older I get, the more ways I look for to enable me to go about my business with as little work as possible involved. If I can find a way to get supplies into my house without driving to the store, parking, walking on ice and snow into the store and then spending all kinds of time looking for items, paying for them and then having to unload them all and get them into the house.....I will jump at the chance. I have turned to online shopping for a lot of things, but only if I can score free shipping. And yes....I know the trick about charging more for items to make up for the so-called free shipping.  I comparison shop so I don't get into that trap.

I usually go to or every month to replenish my supplies. Well, as I was shopping at Amazon today, the site referred me to another site for an item they no longer had in stock. I went there and boy oh boy was I ever surprised. The name of the site is and upon reading its history I find out that Amazon purchased it a few years ago. This is a wonderful place to shop; the prices are amazing and if you purchase over $49, you are eligible for FREE two-day shipping!  First time buyers also got 15% off their orders so I went ahead and made my purchases. After I finished, I read a little more about some of their perks and this is where YOU come in.  If you go to this site and make some purchases (this has to be the first purchase you've ever made from them) and put MY referral code in when you're checking out, you will score TWENTY PERCENT OFF that order.  Isn't that great?  My referral code is VALY3626.  If you use it, they will also donate $5 to charity for me.  Remember, it's SOAP.COM   And they sell a whole lot more than just soap....there are several other areas you can also shop like (for dogs) and for kids just to name a couple. You can get 20% off each site but only for the first purchase.  In other words, if you buy today from and use the 20% off, you could buy something later from and get another 20% off by using the referral code.  You can get to those other sites right from, as it's all the same company, just different categories.

I see this as a win-win situation and hope you enjoy your savings.  By the way, I had three tabs open at once, comparing their prices and they were the lowest....between Amazon and Walmart, except for Gain laundry detergent....Amazon won out there.

So here's my thank you for sticking with me and my unpredictable posting.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sooner or later.....

I knew if I waited long enough something would happen to bring me out of my blogging slump.

I am typing this with a grin on my face. I know it's not that funny to my daughter......but I can't help but giggle about it.

She lives in a subdivision and really only knows the neighbors who are close to her. She's pretty much a homebody and keeps to herself. She did neighbor with an elderly woman across the street from her and helped her out whenever it was needed. That lady passed away about six months ago and left some things to my daughter and granddaughter. The woman's nephew had been staying with her lately and he was handling her estate. He was the one who told her that his aunt had left some things to them, which was a pleasant surprise.  This guy is about her age, maybe five years older and divorced.  Well a few nights ago he called her up and asked her if she'd like to come over and watch a movie with him. She accepted as the movie was one she wanted to see.

Imagine her immense surprise when he answered the door dressed only in his boxer shorts. He invited her in and she went, thinking that he'd hurry back to his room and finish getting dressed but that was not the case. He told her to have a seat and he sat down next to her trying to be charming. Homer up there is a fairly good example of what he looks like, by the way.

You know, men seem to think that they are stud-muffins their entire lives. Ever notice that?  They look in the mirror and see themselves as virile 18 year olds.  Now I've known a lot of men who actually ARE stud-muffins right up into old age but there are also a lot of men who haven't got a clue on how to woo a lady. I can't even BEGIN to imagine this loser thinking he was so sexy he could answer the door like that and have a woman fall into his bed.

If my daughter was the type, she would have been horribly offended and told him so as she huffed out. But she sat there uncomfortably for about 3 minutes, then made an excuse saying that she couldn't stay and left......exit stage right.  She laughed about it on the walk home but figured that the things that his aunt had left for her and her daughter were probably never going to see the inside of her house.  Today she called him about coming over to get the couch he said she'd been left and he said that he didn't think she wanted it and gave it away to someone else.  Yeah............right.

I extend apologies to my daughter, but I can't help it.....this is gonna make me laugh every time I think about it. And you thought these things only happened in books and movies!!!