Thursday, August 25, 2011

Well, it's obvious.....

that SOMEBODY in my neighborhood either took their graduation money and bought enormous car speakers or got the actual speakers for graduation. I've written before about the idiot who drives through and rattles all the pictures hanging on the walls.........well he was nothing compared to this new idiot.

This new one comes through and it honestly vibrates the organs inside your body. Its a sickening feeling and I can't understand how anyone could be in the vehicle with the power those speakers possess. You never hear any words to this so-called music....its just the bass that you hear.....and I can't even say you hear feel it, and not in a good way.

No matter what, there always seems to be individuals who just HAVE to push the envelope. This idiot and ones like him will eventually be the cause of having laws written forbidding this type of display. It was bad enough when it first started but at least it was tolerable. Now, it has just gotten ridiculous......and dangerous. There is NO way the driver of such a vehicle could hear an emergency vehicle coming.

Come to think of it.....I haven't heard the first idiot in a bit now.....I'm beginning to think that he has upgraded and this new one isn't a new guy at all.....but the same one with bigger speakers. Unless you've experienced it, I can't begin to describe how irritating it is....especially at 2 or 3 in the morning.

Yep.....lawmakers.....get those pens busy. I'm sick of it.

Speaking of music.....the Woodward Dream Cruise had wonderful weather this last weekend. (click on link to see photos of a lot of the vintage cars that were there) There was some trouble here and there but you have to expect that when a large crowd of people are gathering anywhere. The 60's and 70's music was wonderful to hear again and the cars were gorgeous. It is, indeed, like stepping back in time. Well, except for the idiots that insisted on playing dirty rap music at ear shattering levels. That was not appreciated but people just moved on and left that area in search of a place where they could sit back and enjoy the music of the times.

The packages containing school clothes are coming in; 3 yesterday and 2 the day before that. I'm hoping we will get most of the remainder today. At least with this new school we won't have to worry that they are not going to be open next year or in the years following; they have plenty of students but not so many that it takes away from individual attention if its needed.

I can't believe that summer is nearly over. Fall is a favorite time of year for me (summer taking first place) but its also an emotional time. Fortunately...... not in a bad way. Keep smilin'. Make everybody wonder what you're up to. LOLOLOLOL

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stressed spelled backwards.....

is desserts and I certainly felt like having a boatload of them after the news we received. Talk about frustration! I think I made up some new swear words! The christian school my granddaughter attends contacted my daughter to let her know that the school will no longer be open; registration was way down and it just wasn't profitable enough for them to do it. WHAT!!!!! School starts in less than 10 days!

She wore uniforms at this school and so we hadn't worried about shopping. She was basically all set except for a few small things. Now....we had to buy her an entire wardrobe....but first we had to find another school for her since public school is definitely not an option. That took one whole day but we did find another school. There are 10 times more children attending this new school and their curriculum is better. They have some different rulings in reference to a dress code and no, they do not wear uniforms. The kids can wear regular clothes but they have several restrictions. No jeans or slacks on girls. They have to wear dresses or skirts and they can NOT be above the knee. Art class is once a week in the evening; they are permitted to wear denim skirts or jumpers for this class. I had no idea how hard it would be to find a denim skirt that was knee length or below. No writing on any of the tops or jackets, only black closed-toe dress shoes for class, but tennis shoes for gym. Girls have to have one outfit that consists of a white blouse and black skirt. I'm sure we'll find out more as we go.

I got busy on the Internet and online shopped for HOURS. I am praying that we have time to get everything before the first day of school. Its all been ordered and so now we wait. I had absolutely NO idea just how hard it would be to find skirts and dresses that come to the knee or below. It has been a nightmare.....I feel like I've been through the Boer War. At this late date a lot of things were sold out, especially the types of clothing I needed. So many cute dresses out there, but almost all of them are short.....coming to the mid-thigh. Not acceptable. I had very good luck in finding sales and had promo codes and coupons to also help out. One pair of shoes only cost $7.60 after the deductions went into effect from the sales plus the promo codes.

I'm a lot angry at her old school for waiting until the very last minute to inform us. It was very inconsiderate as far as I'm concerned. Their excuse was that they were waiting for a last minute miracle to keep them open. Humph.....well maybe if they hadn't raised their prices $50. a month that would have helped boost their enrollment. Pardon me for being snarky but I'm tired from all that shopping. My mouse finger will never be the same. LOL I'm just thankful that I have the means to use a computer to shop. If we would have had to do all this by driving to various stores, walking, searching, waiting in I remember doing that when my kids were little. If I had to do it again I think it would probably do me in.

How about you you have all your back to school shopping done?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I don't know if it's in the stars.....

or what.....but this picture describes pretty much how I feel about now. It seems like every time I turn around I'm spending money for necessary things that have to be repairs.

Last week I had plumbers here. They did manage to get the kitchen sink fixed, but the bathroom drains are still clogged. They are no better than they were before the visit....matter of fact, they may be a bit worse.

So I called them and they are coming back today. I let them know that I did not plan on paying them again because it was not fixed the first time they were here. I'm not trying to be difficult.....but I just want to get what I pay for.

On Sunday my daughter mentioned to me that I was losing cold air from around my freezer door. Well, I had thought that too but was also thinking that perhaps something wasn't sitting on the shelf right, not allowing the door to completely close. I had fooled around with moving stuff in there and thought I had the problem solved, but I guess it wasn't. I don't know if the hinge has gone bad or the seal.....but the refrigerator seems to be running constantly. The food is frozen, but the ice cream is not rock hard, which I think is a good thing....but definitely shows there is a problem with losing cold air.

I have an appliance insurance plan through my gas company. At only $9. a month, it has paid for itself a couple of times through the years. I called and YES, that problem is covered so they are supposed to be here today to work on it. At least this won't cost me anything more than I've already paid. But it did remind me that my refrigerator is getting old and is probably giving me warning signs that I'm going to need another one soon.

My small circulation fan I keep in the bedroom quit and I had to buy another one. During the hottest days of know I paid an inflated price for the replacement, but I needed it. It just seems like a bunch of little things....a ripped screen, a broken downspout, a warped garage service door that will no longer close properly and lock.....just a bunch of "irritants" and all of them mean money flying out the window.

I think the fates felt sorry for me and gave me a small something to keep my spirits up. I checked my bank statement the other day and I had an extra deposit of $89 from social security. When I called to find out about what it was, cause I had no idea.....I was informed that it was some sort of back money owed to me. Its a one-time payment, but better than a kick in the teeth. Today in the mail I get a bill from my doctor.....$140....charges from over a year ago that my insurance didn't pay for some reason. I will be calling them today to find out what that is all about. some, lose some.

And how is YOUR summer going? Just remember to keep smilin' keeps people confused and off-guard, if nothing else. LOL

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I was hoping for.....

a Cha- chingle......but instead it was a CHA-CHING!

Ahhhhh yes.....two plumbers in my tub. And why YES, you DO see lip-prints on his boxers. I was hoping for Spongebob boxers to make me giggle....but I guess the lip prints are a close second.

They work in teams. This team snaked my drains. $162.50, thank you very much. The second team responded about an hour after the first team left and repaired the kitchen needed two new drains that attach to the sink. They put new washers in my faucet to prevent it from dripping and wrote out the bill; $160, thank you very much again. CHA-CHING.

Even though the boxers did give me a chuckle, it didn't crack me it wasn't worth $322.50 in my opinion. If you really think about it.....with the time involved, these guys make more than doctors!