Friday, April 26, 2013 for walking

Every morning that I go to work I see this guy and his dog walking on the bicycle path....the dog looks like this one and is holding its own leash just like this one. It's about the cutest thing.  As the weather warms up there will be more and more people out walking and it's surprising the number of people who take their dogs with them. Some people have two dogs at a time. I've also seen people riding their bicycles holding onto a dog leash. That always makes me wince because I'm always afraid the dog will get distracted and dart off to chase a squirrel and then....splat....bicycle rider down. The only thing I can figure out is that those particular dogs must be very well trained.

I have a variety of people who walk their dogs in front of my house. I enjoy watching what sort of dogs people have. Some of them are extremely impressive like the two huge, beautiful blue-eyed huskies. We have everything from greyhounds to chihuahuas going past. However we do not have pitbulls as they are illegal in our town. Every once in a while you will see two or three....probably new residents that don't know about that law yet.  The strangest one I have seen to date was the woman who was walking her descented pet skunk.  He was the cutest thing ever and she said he was a wonderful pet.

Of course, even stranger is the dog walker who drives while the dog walks like in the picture. I've never seen that myself and am not sure if people really do it......probably.  You know, anything is possible.

I don't walk my dog because she absolutely hates other dogs. The walk would be miserable for both of us as she would be snarling at every dog she saw which would cause them to do the same in return.  Too bad because she's such a hyper dog it would help wear her out.


Linda@VS said...

I don't walk my dogs, either. There are no sidewalks in my neighborhood, just front lawns side by side along a very busy road. I do try to play ball with them for at least half an hour a day, which should give them plenty of exercise, but I always wonder if they feel deprived because they don't get to explore the neighborhood.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Nothing makes me more puzzled than folks who walk their dog along side their car, I have seen it. Good grief, the driver could probably use the exercise too, seems like not much companionship that way. Too bad you don't have a private spot to walk your baby where you wouldn't have to be confronted with other dogs. I love dogs that hold their own leash, too cute!