Monday, April 1, 2013

A is for.....Well....this IS April Fool's Day

I love David Attenborough's voice. It is just so soothing. So, it goes without saying that I love nature programs that are narrated by him. I thought it was sort of appropriate to share this video with you....seeing that it's April Fool's Day and this bird has fooling mastered. Additionally, this kicks off the A to Z Challenge since it begins with an "A".  Now, back to the bird, who is very AUDIBLE. In an effort to impress the lady birds, this Lyre puts on quite a show. I couldn't believe the chainsaw mimic!  Actually, that's kind of sad. No wild bird in a rain forest should have to listen to something like that enough that it masters the sound.  Anyway, enjoy. You'll be AMAZED too.


Linda@VS said...

Fascinating! The capabilities of the Lyre remind me of those of the Mockingjay, the fictional bird from "The Hunger Games."

Josie Two Shoes said...

I am so delighted you're playing A-Z along with me! I shared this video with Papa Bear and we were both just amazed, what a cool bird! I want to know how he explains these sounds to the lovely lady that he manages to attract! :-) What a show-off! How fun! Thanks for the end of long Monday smile! Please keep your cold weather up there, enjoying our nice spring 70's warm here! I won't be loving it as much come summer. Then it gets way too hot!

keliwright said...

That video is amazing. Definitely sharing it! Perfect for April Fool's Day (even if I'm seeing it a couple of days late). Good luck on the A to Z Challenge!