Monday, April 22, 2013 for Sunday morning donut

I was going to write about something else but then last night I started thinking about my old dog and this came to I thought I would share it.

I had a German shepherd mix named Babe. I also have a fenced in back yard, which was Babe's area during the day. She came inside at night as she was spoiled as can be.

We had Babe for a long time and when you have a pet for so many years, you think you know them. But after her death at 15 years of age, I found out some stuff about her that I did not know.

My neighbor and I were talking one day while weeding the flower beds and she started telling me about my old dog, Babe. I looked at her with disbelief but she assured me that it was a true story. What gets me is that she never thought to tell me while it was happening. I guess God just made sure he watched over Babe every Sunday.

According to my neighbor.....seems as though Babe could get out of the back yard whenever she wanted to. How she did this is unknown as she would go back in when she was finished with whatever she wanted to do. But on Sunday mornings, seems that Babe had a ritual.  I would let her outside and before long my neighbor would see her cut across her lawn, cross a small street, go through the school parking lot, then the playground and around the fence and cross a pretty busy road to get to the donut shop on the corner. She would soon return with a donut in her mouth. She would then lay in the neighbor's front yard and casually eat her Sunday morning donut before returning to our fenced in back yard.  She did this for years and I never knew it. I don't know if a worker at the donut shop was giving her the donuts or what....but I'm grateful that she never got hit by a car while on her jaunt.


MerCyn said...

So how did the dog know it was Sunday? Why was that morning different from all the others for the dog? Or do dogs have an inner rhythmic calendar?

MOV said...

ha! I want a dog that smart!

just found your blog, will be back to read more.


Golden To Silver Val said...

I think that dogs do have some sort of internal clock. When I was a kid, my dog used to meet me at my bus stop every day. As far as Babe, I always wondered the same thing...the only things different on Sundays were; no school buses, no mailman and the Church across the way would have a full parking lot. Plus she was let out later on weekends. Dogs are just plain awesome.

Jamie said...

OMGosh! That is totally awesome! Oh how I love animals, cats, dogs..whatever. I loved this story, Val. Hugs.

susie said...

We've just "met," but I will share my dog story with you anyway. When I was a kid, our lab ate a loaf of Wonder bread...while it was still in the bag. Eventually the bag made it's way through...and my dad removed it like a Kleenex. Eww.

Josie Two Shoes said...

What a cool escape trick! I might try that for a free donut too, but I'd never make it back over the fence when I returned, and the chocolate on my face from frosting would be a sure giveaway! :-) I'm kinda surprised the neighbor knew this all along and never clued you in, I would have if it was my neighbor, just for the dog's safety. It is a sweet memory now!