Thursday, April 18, 2013 for Pothole

I once lived 2 miles down a gravel country road and the road was in better shape than the one pictured. When we moved to a house that was situated on a paved road I was happy. I figured no more mud, no more dust which meant for cleaner cars and cleaner houses.

I didn't plan on potholes but potholes we have and we have them every year. It wasn't that long ago that a pothole bent the rim on my car and caused me to buy new ones and new tires along with it.

We were told that lottery money was supposed to go toward fixing roads but I wonder just where the roads are that are being fixed......evidently somewhere obscure. Yes, I know.....winter has just barely shut the exit door around here.....but I've seen them fill in potholes in the winter, so I know it can be done.

Right now my main beef is that the road in front of my house looks a lot like the one in the picture. When cars run over those holes it sounds like thunder and sometimes it actually makes my house vibrate. I usually grimace when one of those happens, just knowing that the driver and passengers are doing the same.

Although a lot of people like to look at the silver lining in all this. Potholes are a sure sign that spring is finally here.  Yay!


Josie Two Shoes said...

Potholes... hate 'em! Not one bit thankful for them! :-) We lived in a mobile home park before we got our own little piece of land, and they would make pitiful half-"hearted" attempts to fix them, which would decompose in another couple months. They never bothered to fix them correctly and it was like driving an obstacle course to get in and out of the park to our home on a back street. A little bit of inattention or too much speed and WHAM, another jarring blow to the car and to me! I will gladly take my dusty country roads anyday... we just don't bother to wash our vehicles very often! :-)

Kate OMara said...

There must be a way to prevent potholes. Spring will come without them.

forsythia said...

The surface of the moon looks better than that road.

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

In Minnesota we often say we have two seasons, winter and road repair. I guess I'm grateful that they do fix most of our roads, most of the time!