Saturday, April 13, 2013 for Laughter

We've all heard that laughter is the best medicine so many times but do you believe it?  I do.  As far back as the 1300's, Royalty used to have jesters as part of their court just for the sole purpose of creating funny situations and stimulating laughter. I don't know what the king's "fools" got paid but  if they weren't funny enough and didn't produce laughter, they were often whipped and eventually lost their place in court.  Talk about performing under pressure!

The last couple years I worked before retirement we were all working under a lot of pressure. There had been some changes in administration and I think that was the main cause. I had a co-worker who had a talent for making people laugh and I am eternally grateful to her for getting me through those last years riding the funny train. She found humor in almost everything and had us laughing every day.  She has a true gift.  It's been a lot of years and she just recently retired and she still has that wonderful sense of humor. I hope she's able to keep it when she enters senior citizenry. That's when mine packed it's bags and fled town on the red-eye. I did manage to get some of my sense of humor back.....but, unfortunately,  not all of it.  I find it takes more to get me laughing now and some things I used to think were funny, I don't so much anymore.  But, also I find that things I never thought were funny, I now laugh at. So, it shows we are constantly growing in one way or another.

Laughter kicks stress and tension right out of the room. This is proven over and over by the popular television programs and movies. People want to be entertained; they crave something that will take their minds off of worries. The only thing I have to say about the entertainment industry is that they have gone off the main road when it comes to comedy. Most of the comedy now is totally inappropriate. For the most part, you can't sit down as a family and enjoy a comedy that every family member can laugh along with. Sex is playing too much of a role now. Remember back when we all laughed at Bob Hope, Abbott and Costello, Red Skelton, Milton Berle and Jackie Gleason, just to name a few. Good clean fun that gave us all the giggles.  I really wish they would bring some of that back again. OMG, remember the Flip Wilson show and his portrayal of "Geraldine"?  Now that was some funny stuff.

I think the leader of N. Korea is in desperate need of some good belly laughs....what do you think?  So, keep smiling, laugh out loud and set free all those worries and fears....even if it's only for a little while....every little bit will do you good.  Laughter is really and truly the best medicine.


Josie Two Shoes said...

I once read a book called "God Loves Laughter", and I so agree! Laughter is good for the soul, it is so healing, and as you note, it can make even the worst situations more bearable. I have seen someone remember a funny incident during a funeral and suddenly the whole group of mourners is laughing instead of crying! My sense of humor has changed with age to, though I have always been more of a smiler than a belly-laugher. What I don't like is any kind of humor that is at the expense of others or that relies on trash talk just to get a laugh. I agree with you, clean it up and take it back to just being funny! Great post Val :-)

Jamie said...

Laughter is the best medicine. For everything. You are so good at making people's your gift. One of them, anyway.



Jan Newman said...

I loved Geraldine! The funniest modern comedian who keeps it clean is Ellen Degeneris. She makes me laugh.

MaryAnn Millington said...

Hi its Sunday and since its a day off from the challenge had some time to look around and I found you. Your blog is very enjoyable.

Came by from Tales of the Reborn Crafter

forsythia said...

Jonathan Winters, a favorite comedian, just died. Someone famously said that Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, only she did it backwards and in high heels. Well, Jonathan had people rolling in the aisles without using the f-word and the other bad words that today's comedians apparently can't get along without. I miss him.

Silvia Villalobos said...

Absolutely the best medicine. Nothing like a good laugh (laughter in general) to errase worries and help the body and mind deal with life.
Enjoyed your post.
Silvia @ Silvia Writes

Lucy said...

Oh, I totally believe in "Laughter is Good for the Soul." Usually my Saturday's are 'Saturday Funnies' on my blog. I just love a good laugh. I enjoy comedies. I like clean comedy but I don't mind a little raunchy here and there AND when it is past 10:00 pm (adult time).
One of my all time favorite old comedy, "I Love Lucy" I still watch it to this day and laugh and laugh and laugh. I am also a big "Golden Girls" fan. Oh and do you remember the 'Carol Burnett Show', another favorite of mine. Lucy from Lucy's Reality