Monday, May 5, 2008

The story continues.....

Well, lets see now. I can end one story. The karate class for my granddaughter ended up being canceled because the instructor canceled out. Since she won a scholarship to it, they traded it in for a dance class instead. So she's happy and hopefully THIS instructor will show up.

We are still waiting for the driving record to be mailed. My son is still working, but everything is sort of at a stand-still for the time being. In other words, they have not ordered his work uniforms yet. It sure doesn't give him a feeling that they think everything is going to turn out ok.

I hired someone to paint my bathroom since its been in limbo for months now. Again, I remember my mother's words echoing in my get what you pay for. No truer words were ever spoken. I didn't pay an arm and a leg but he did come highly recommended......however, after this performance, I wouldn't let him paint a doghouse. I really don't think he had that much experience. Why.....when I actually bought and handed him a roll of tape, would he paint the window and not put the tape on the glass to keep it clean. I did not notice it until they left....I was so happy they were leaving. A few hour job turned into a two-day job. The glass is frosted and pebbly.....not smooth at all. I'm not sure how I can get the paint off.....any suggestions? A razor will not work.

Anyway, he made mistakes and the woodwork all had to be repainted because he painted it the wrong color. I'm not real sure if he understood English. I'm not saying this to be mean....I'm just sayin'. This, of course, took up a lot more time. I don't think that the guy who recommended him to me was pleased with him at all. HA. He has to stand in line for that one. I don't think anyone was more displeased than me. did finally end up pretty good. I like the effect and the mistakes that were made are ones I think I can correct without too much trouble.

So I'm going to buy a new curtain and maybe a new shower curtain if the colors of my old one fight with my new wall colors. And that means I will have to get a new rug too. I have wallpaper border picked out online. If its as pretty when I actually see it, it will go perfect. The border will hide some mistakes too. It just keeps snowballin'. I can't wait for it to all come together though and it sure will be nice to have a pretty bathroom again. I am getting a vent fan installed in a couple weeks and then it will officially finished. Pictures will follow.

I'm still off the Diet Pepsi. I am drinking Pepsi One with Splenda instead. My post on aspertame encouraged me to keep checking about the stuff and there is a lot about it online. All in all, I think most people realize that this chemical really isn't good for you. All but one of my commenters seemed to be impressed by the article. We drink it and hope that nothing bad happens to us....but everyone is different and it can affect some adversely. I'm going to try what one website suggested and stay off of aspertame for 60 days and see what happens. I have nothing to lose pain. In 60 days, I'll let you know if I can dirty dance again. more thing....if you have a few minutes, check this video out. Its true and its about the company who invented aspertame....yep, that's right, Monsanto. This video, I'm sure, is just the tip of the, Brad?


Summer said...

Thanks for stopping by today and yesterday. I'm going to read this when I have some quiet time.

Mary said...

It never ends does it, Val? You get one little project done and it leads to another, then another, and still another. First thing you know you're either broke or your butt is worn out. I hate trying to find workers that do a good job.

I don't drink any soft drinks nor do I use any artifical sweeteners. I don't like the feeling carbonated beverages leave nor the headache sweeteners give me.

Brad said...

Monsanto is only one of the many companies who pay large amounts of money to lobbiest who rep them before congress and pour huge amounts of money into the RNP. This is a big business buying out our goverment. If you care, I implore you to write you local cangress person. It's gauernteed that you will recieve a form letter. Take the next step and respond and tell them that's not good enough and c.c. your local news source.

Sorry getting off my soapbox now

Brad said...

Oops - forgot to spell check in my lather

Kelly Jene said...

Lol @ Brad's lather.

Aw, Val, I wish we lived closer. My husband does painting and he does beautiful work. I would have lent him to you for cheap. ;)

I'm still doing really great. I feel better. Less sluggish too, do you feel that way? I was always tired and couldn't wake up easily. Ever since Friday I've popped out of bed early and had all my housework done. It's a miracle.

I will watch the video. I've been reading on the website you listed too... looks like we think alike in our research.

Many hugs and love and prayers for continued healing!

Email me if you want so we can discuss this more.

Kelly Jene said...

Very compelling video, Val.

SOUL: said...

mornin charlotte-- is the coffee ready??

sorry-- i came over last night but got distracted and left before i could comment-- don't feel alone-- it happens with me often. :(( i think my senile is getting worse.

anyhow-- now i see why you asked if i drank diet drinks etc. well, i sort of wish i did now. it would be wonderful if all my med probs stemmed from something so simple, and could be remedied so easily... but nope., i actually think i am allergic to aspartame-or any type of artificial sweetener.. just the first taste in my mouth nearly, and sometimes makes me vomit. i am extremely sensitive to it. ugh.

anyhow-- too bad on the bathroom project. it's my dad's voice that says that same thing in my mind. "you get what ya pay for."
i used to pay for what i could get.. now i make the sacrifice, cuz it is oh so true.

as for your window--have you tried paint thinner? nail polish remover? or even cooking oil??
any of these MAY work. with a rough cloth.

anyhow-- hope you have a good day today--

lokin forward to your finished bathroom.


Life at Star's Rest said...

Try 'Goof Off' for getting the paint off your glass. It's usually sold in the paint department and we've had good luck with it. Carmon

simonsays said...

I have said a prayer for your sons job, I know these problems well.

I hate the whole home remodeling thing, for the very reasons you bring once you do one thing, you end up replacing/redoing everything.

Dirty dancing...LOL. I want pics!

Smocha said...

murpheys oil soap and a plastic brush should get the paint off.

can't wait to see the pics!!

mapiprincesa! said...

Good to see (BRAD!) that I'm not the ONLY one who has a soapbox upon which I enjoy perching myself... (a-hem!) ...oh, and totally in agreement.

Good for you on the changes you are making--speaking from experience, lifestyle changes are the HARDEST to make, and it's interesting that the medical community will NOT suggest a change of lifestyle before prescribing a bunch of Heaven Knows What to put into our bodies...

ooops, my soapbox.

Anyhow, ditto on the pics, and prayers that your son's headache is resolved sooner than later...for everyone's sake.

Be well, Val.

The Real Mother Hen said...

I just finished reading the past posts, you're right on about Aspartame!

Even to sugar-free gum - I say, no thank you!

Be careful with Splenda too. Splenda is not widely known to have that many negative effect, but many people do have a reaction to it. Drink and then observe how you feel.

This past 2 weeks I have been going around looking for curtains, and I finally got one yesterday, a normal looking blue one! See, I'm that useless :)

Anonymous Boxer said...

stay off the Splenda too, dear friend. It's all poison.

Try varnish remover - test your glass first and don't let it sit too long.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Good luck with your bathroom redecorating project Val. It's suppose to be a fun and exciting time. But if you have someone who is constantly causing more problems than can be rather stressful. I had a similar experience several years ago...only it was regarding my entire first floor. It all turned out, but took much longer and put everyone through much more stress than needed. I'm not so sure that guy knew what he was doing either. Keep being positive....your bathroom will be wonderful in the end.

Velvet Sacks said...

Sorry you had such a bad experience with the painter. It's disappointing to pay someone to screw up something you could have screwed up yourself.

As a Diet Coke addict, I'm interested in learning more about the aspartame. Someone sent me this information a while back, but after checking it out on, I disregarded it. Now you've got me rethinking it.

That being said, combining paint removal and aspartame in one past had some interesting results. Think in terms of diet soda while you reread Anonymous Boxer's comment above. I laughed out loud. ;)

Anonymous said...

Try Goof Off. It smells to high heaven but it works. It's so disappointing when you have this wonderful paint job imagined and the actual results are far from what you imagined. That happened to us once, the guy did a lousy job.