Saturday, May 31, 2008

The dog next door.....

Well, of course....I'm an animal lover. I have a dog and at one time I had both dogs and a a bird. So, yes, I am indeed an animal lover and protector.

Now the house next door to me used to be home to my best friend. I was devastated when she had to move....not just a little ways away, but all the way across the nation away. The people who bought the place from her were great neighbors. They had a gorgeous black lab and he was my buddy. They sold out after 10 years and bought acreage. The people who bought from them were.....different. Not as easy going friendly as the previous owners but still nice neighbors. They had a yellow lab who was trained to be a hunting dog. Wow...I loved this dog a lot! When they moved after only about 3 years I really missed the dog more than the humans. Now there are new people in there. They seem friendly enough but both work and there isn't a lot of time for sitting around and chatting. They have cats. They also are new to the area, having come from several counties away.

One day last summer we looked out to see that they had a new addition to the family....a small brown puppy. My son visits with the guy more than I do and he said they got the pup from the animal shelter. Well, weeks turned into months and then winter was upon us. Their dog is let out primarily in their back yard and I don't have a very good view unless I actually leave the back deck and go out into my own yard. I hadn't seen the puppy in a long time. I looked out the other day and did a double-take. This is an 'oh-oh' moment for sure. The guy was outside and his dog, who has grown considerably, was out there with him frolicking around....happy as can be. The dog is a pit-bull. If its not 100%, its more than half. This is an oh-oh because in our community pit-bulls are prohibited. Even if they are only part pit-bull, they are prohibited. I feel really bad about my neighbor's dog. This dog will never be abused and will never be used for fighting. It will be loved as part of a family....the woman is pregnant now. But, they are not allowed to have it here. I'm sure they are totally unaware of this and I just CAN'T be the bearer of this bad news for them.

I really don't know what to do.....its only a matter of time before someone calls about the dog. The school bus stop is in front of his house. The neighbor behind him has two matching Shelties (one is mean, one is friendly) and the one is actually more of a threat than this particular pit-bull could ever be. I have a miniature poodle behind me, and two doors down is a Schnauzer. Across the street are two Bassett hounds and next to them are two yellow Labs. Yep, this is a neighborhood full of dogs, the breeds all diverse.

These people are going to be heart-broken when they are told they can't keep this pet. I blame the animal shelter for not being well-versed on the restrictions of the various townships and/or cities in the area they service. For once I'm really glad that we do not visit often with this neighbor.....I'm sure he's going to wonder why no one told him before he got attached to this puppy. We simply did not know the was hard to tell when it was so small and from a distance. I really do feel for them.....but I just CAN'T be the one to tell them.


mapiprincesa! said...

Oh, no. What a terrible shame.

Stereotypes are bad, no matter who or what they affect, no? I'm sorry to hear of this.

Is it at all possible for there to be some sort of veterinary review and a written request for exception due to non-threatening traits be submitted to the City, I wonder?

Hmmmm...This is a tough one.

Be well, Val.

p.s. I love the fortune cookie. I "have" a cookie each time I visit! :)

Mary said...

How sad. I couldn't tell the neighbors. Surely there is some reasonable solution. Pit Bulls are unpredictable by nature so I can understand the concern.

In response to yesterday's post: I can always think of something to write but not always something I think anyone would be interested in hearing. Perhaps one day soon I'll write about the night I woke up with an Akita in bed with me. Or the time the swat team came because I thought someone was in the attic - it proved to be a raccoon. I have lots of true wild stories (things just happen to me) but nothing of substance.

Smocha said...

Well ..that stinks.

This is a very touchy subject for me. My soulmate was a pitbull:)

I moved from the country to a neighborhood and my dogs (Grull and her daughter Star)would be sitting in their own front yard and my neighbors began calling the police on me daily.

Long story short....I wound up having to rehome Star....but my Grull I just loved too much. I wound up sending her from Florida to my friend desert dirt diva in California..and paying her dog support :)

That dog never hurt a fly in her life.

Maybe a pitbull rescue group can help your neighbors.
Or maybe no one will notice the dog. (wishful thinking)

Happy Sunday to ya:)

simonsays said...

That is very sad. I don't really know about pit bulls, they aren't all mean, are they? I have a dog on the "bad" list, but back when we got her, thirteen years ago, there was no list. She is not a threat, and I'm guessing your neighbor's dog won't be either. So, yes, I agree, this situation is sad. Can anyone anywhere, have a pit bull any more? And if not, what is the world supposed to do with them?


Charlotte, thanks for all the support you have given me recently. I feel like a bad friend for not even having the time to read on a regular basis. Just know that I sincerely appreciate you and your wonderful words. K? Hugs. Lots of them. Jamie

JYankee said...

what a weird situation to be in...i definitely couldnt tell them either.... it's too bad that pit bulls had to have that kind of rep...but as with bad one spoils the rest.... i think it really will be just a matter of time before someone tells them...

Cheryl said...

What a sad story. I think I'd keep mum about it...its hard to be the bearer of bad news.

fiwa said...

Those poor people! I think I would move before I would get rid of a dog I had become attached to.
There is a pit bull behind us - she seems like a lovely dog. Very friendly.

SOUL: said...

i wouldn't tell them either c-- isn't there a neighborhood association or somethin-- they are usually more than happy too butt in..ya know.
besides, you don't need the friction between neighbors-- they'd blame YOU.

i don't like these kindsa laws on pets either.

hope your day is good.

Velvet Sacks said...

I agree with you that the shelter should have given them information about the breed. In fact, the shelter probably should have relocated the pup to a county where it would be allowed. I can't imagine having to give up a pet I'd become attached to. So sad.

Cheryl said...

Hi Val...I'm commenting to your comment here. I'm loving The Green MIle. I'm so glad I was able to borrow the books all at once instead of waiting for the series. I'm half-way through book 5! My sister said she's watched the movie at least 5 times. I'll watch it when I'm done. I'm already missing the story because I know I'm almost done with it :(

Gypsy said...

How very sad for your neighbours but I agree with everyone else - don't be the one to tell them. It's too late now anyway for them not to be attached to the little guy so you may as well keep mum about it and let them keep it as long as possible.

It's kinda tragic when a dog lover has a dog that is treated well and they have to be parted simply because of a breed. There are too many people in the world who abuse helpless animals and nothing happens to them. It's effing wrong.

Kelly Jene said...

That's too bad. I'm glad to hear that they love him and he is a good boy. That is a good thing.

Big hugs!

Maria said...

Maybe the universe will slide into sync and the dog will be safe.

I'd stay mum and keep my fingers crossed.

ordinaryjanet said...

I can't believe the shelter didn't warn them. Maybe they felt the dog was only part pit bull so it didn't "qualify" for the ban?