Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sigh.....its just me

Sometimes I feel like my life is just so effing boring.....I don't have anything to write about. Last night I actually gave myself a headache trying to think of SOMETHING to write about. Something witty, something thought-provoking, something shocking even. But, alas....I have NOTHING. Of course, if I want to consider the ALTERNATIVE to having a boring life, like having no life at all..... then I guess having a boring life is A-ok with me right now.

I will be leaving here in a few minutes to go get my nails done. WOW.... isn't that earth-shattering news! Maybe I will hear some interesting tidbit at the beauty shop, which we all know is just a swirling pool of gossip and mayhem. Ask me if I've finished my bathroom yet. Ah....that would be no. Ask me why....well, cuz I just didn't feel like it. I know all the extra hours I've been working have sorta done me in.....I guess I need to admit that I'm not as young as I used to be.

I have finished reading DUMA KEY by Stephen King. It still can't hold a candle to my all time favorite Stephen King novel, THE GREEN MILE, but it was pretty good. It held my interest in a weird, Stephen King-ish way. I swear being married to that man would surely make me nervous. WHERE does he come up with all these ideas?? It was a 602 page book and I finished it off in about 4 days. So, that's another reason why the bathroom didn't get finished. HA!

Well, kids, I'm off like a prom dress.....hopefully I'll return with beautiful hands and something to write about.


Talisman said...

Or you could say "I just had my nails done and don't want to risk chipping the paint -- it's expensive to get a pedicure you know!" and use that as your excuse to not blog for a few days. ;)

fiwa said...

When you start putting pressure on yourself to write, that's when it becomes no fun. Write when you want to, when you have something you want to share.

I have thought the same thing about Stephen King, many times over! My all time favorite SK is still the short story, The Mist. But I loved The Stand too. For sheer scary - Salem's Lot had me sleeping with a crucifix for months - but then I was just a kid when I read it. 35 is still a kid, right? J/K, I was in junior high. :)

Hope your nails look purty!

P.S. My bathroom isn't done yet either, and for pretty much the same reasons!

Maria said...

I am a Stephen King junkie. I loved Duma Key as well. My favorite has always been a tie between The Shining and The Stand, though...

SOUL: said...

well, do i take it that the swirling pool of gossip was no more than a cesspool of nothing worth repeating?

as for your bathroom... don't feel bad-- remember when i was all breakin my arm from pattin myself on the back for beginning to hang pictures and decorate my house -- after almost five months of living in it???
well... that lasted all of a DAY. maybe two. an entire month has gone by and i haven't done a thing with the place.
six more months, and i'm liable to be packin this place up to move again... boy, that thought makes it easy to be lazy. but i sure hate livin in a place with NO decor. it's so , bland and nekkid. and ugly. and depressing. and bland.

awwwww sushi just came up and she's huggin me. she senses my discontent :))

anyhow-- the last -- and only time i read a 600+ page book was like 22 years ago--- it was "The Executioners' Song" . very good book. i even read it after i saw the movie.. i never ever do that.

ok.. i spose i'll stop bloggin in your box---

off to see if you guessed right on the question numbers--

latah charlotte--
(i think i'm gonna start callin you charlie-- when i'm tired. :)) -- i'm just lazy that way)
nah-- C will work.. i forgot i've done that a few times.
senile-- i'm tellin ya. :))

Brad said...

We'll have to discuss Steven King - I've never been into suspence stuff - I'm keyed up enough. Maybe you can help me see it in another light. XOXOBC

mapiprincesa! said...

Oh, double-darn ditto.

Your nails done? Val, that is such a luxury, I don't get that more than...hmmm...once every about...4 years. I say that is WORTH writing about! :)

Funny about Steven King. Stories from his "Skeleton Crew" were very popular choices for interp pieces on Forensics teams back in the late 80s. I read a lot of him and my uni even had Steven King Film night...all night long, only Steven King flicks. One year my roomie ran back to my room early, then jumped out of the closet when I got back and scared the Shosta-frickin'-Kovich outta me.

Duuuuude. Steven King has NEVER been the same since.

Last weekend on NPR's show Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, Steven King was the invited guest. Interesting, as always, to hear him speak and see how normal he actually is.

Be well, Val.

Gypsy said...

Val I don't care what you post about as long as you say EFFIN' at least once. I don't know why that tickles me so much but it does.

I've been struggling with subject matter too so don't feel alone on that one. Now I've gone and started another blog to neglect into the bargain. I'm just a sucker for punishment.

Do your nails look pretty?

Anonymous said...

I've never had my nails done, so I'd be interested in a post that talks about it!

Cheryl said...

Often I don't have anything to say, or worry that I'm saying the same thing all the time. You're not alone!

I read Duma Key a few months back. I'll have to look for the Green Mile if it's your favorite.

Hope you have an interesting day!

Mary said...

Love Stephen King but, like you, the man would give me the creeps. I haven't read Duma Key yet. I collect books during the summer to read during the dark (winter) months.

If you heard gossip, do tell. Don't chip a nail though. Don't you just love fresh nails?

Anonymous Boxer said...

hee - I love the Prom Dress line. I'm pretty "Blah-ogged" Out right myself.

Must be something int the air...

ac said...

My daughter loved The Green Mile. That one is her fave too.

You are not boring. I'm boring. At least you're getting your nails done and can write about that. I've never even had my nails done. I'm that lame. HA! ac

The Real Mother Hen said...

I feel that so often!!! :)