Thursday, May 8, 2008

And the beat goes on.....

I'm sorry I haven't answered any comments on here lately. Things are just getting to be over-whelming in some ways. We are still dealing with the so-called court system and custody battles. I finally lost it today and stuck my nose in. The social worker is calling my son at work and his employers are getting a bit frustrated with it all. She (the social worker) knows I'm not intimidated by her so she won't talk to me....she won't even answer my messages. Instead she will bother my son at his place of employment. She's making some mistakes in her handling of my 3 year old granddaughter and its gotten on my last nerve. Today I made waves. BIG ones. This will probably cause another court hearing, but I've contacted my granddaughter's "lawyer" and advised him of what's going on. He agrees that the welfare and safety of the child should be foremost in the minds of these social workers and that just has not been the case lately. They are, instead, coddling my granddaughter's drug addled mother who has lost her other children to the State and who does not have physical custody of her. He has promised that he will talk to the judge and get back with us. I told him that I'm ready to go to my State Representative. Enough is enough!

Add to this huge pot of turmoil another big dosage of trouble from my daughter and her end of the family. Seems as though a guy her son knows, who is 19, has been kicked out of his house and also his grandparent's house. This guy is a loser. He doesn't have a job or a car or a diploma. His parents and grandparents are rich and have handed him money every time he asks for it for years now. He takes the money and gets high with it. They have enabled this for years and have finally had their fill. Last night he was knocking on all my daughter's doors and windows....wanting inside. She will not let him in her house any longer since rumor has it that he's on serious drugs (heroin) and she fears he will steal from her. Her dog was having such a fit last night, she went out in the back yard to check and found this guy in her little girl's playhouse. It was 1 in the morning. She didn't call the police on him, but did threaten to. He said he had no place to go. She offered to take him to a shelter but he didn't want to give up his drugs. He finally left. This guy wanted to take advantage of her kindness and was hoping she'd let him stay there. My daughter is a kind soul so even though she knows he's a loser I think she would have let him stay there for the night if it wasn't for his drug addictions. So today she has to consult our local police and find out what to do about him. No doubt in her mind that he will be back again tonight trying to find a place to stay. Even though there is a 2 year age difference, I wish my grandson would man up and just take care of this guy. My grandson outweighs him by 50 lbs. and is a head taller. I had a little talk with him a while ago about just that. We'll see what happens.

There are so many stresses in the world and the above stresses I have talked about have all been brought on my someone's being on drugs. That's the bottom line of it all and its so very sad. Its a domino effect and drug use hurts everyone.....those who do it as well as those associated with those who do it.....not to mention those who love them.

Tomorrow is another work day and then the blessed weekend is here. I have hopes of getting the border up in my bathroom this weekend. And my grandson starts work tomorrow. Yep, its a fast-food place but its a job and that will help him in so many ways. If he can keep the "loser" from hanging around begging for food. I already warned him he could lose his job over being too caring.


Brad said...

I so sorry. Please do something good for yourself and try and de-stress. You know it's not good for you. I worry about your health.

Drugs do indeed hurt everyone. The ones you mentioned and all of us who pay taxes that support the social agencies and police/jails/state treatment programs.

Did you get my emails ?

mapiprincesa! said...

Hugs...positive thoughts...prayers...all heading your way from mine. Good for you for standing up to The System, but too bad it is You who must do so.

Be well, Val.

Kelly Jene said...

Val needs a vacation. I'm so sorry there is so much going on. You are a wonderful mom and grandmother. Someday they will all thank you for everything you do.

I would love to see pics when you are done with the bathroom!

Cheryl said...

I'm with the friends above. I think I've got it bad with a moody've got it from children and grandchildren. I guess it never ends? I'm so lucky that my little drug use in the 70's was just that...little. I've seen it destroy lives too.

The weekend is just about here. I hope it's a good one for you.

boneman said...

when I worked at fast food places ( all of them over a period of time...) the one notable point was that there's no shortage of food in the dumpster.
Hardees it's chicken, McGreasies it's burgers, right around two and seven in the pm, Taco Bell was the stingiest with their food, but even then, around 8pm the day's extras go out. Burger King is a seven pm place.
So, tell your grandson to point at the dumpster and then ignore whatever else comes out of their mouth.
Funny that your grandson and daughter both know the same guy.

Charity is good, being nice is good, being a sucker,....well, that's not so good.
I think.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Brad ~ yep, got those emails. Sorry it took me so long. You are so SWEET.

Mapi ~ Thank you for your well wishes. Fighting the system always takes a lot out of you, doesn't it. Unfortunately being right doesn't mean we will win. Stay tuned.

Kelly ~ Thank you for your sweet compliments. I sure try hard.

Cheryl ~ Once a mom, always a mom...even when she's 75, you'll still fret over her. Yep, drug use has just about ruined our world. LOL, I had to laugh...I tried pot in the 70's and was so paranoid. I thought for sure I was going to be arrested any second.

Boney ~ What have you been smokin'? My grandson and daughter both know the same guy because my grandson is my daughter's son. Earth to to Boney. LOL

Smocha said...

Your daughter needs to get a restraining order A.S.A.P . and not try to handle this guy herself (or her son)

A couple years ago my cousin was trying to help a guy she had known her whole life "get off drugs"
Her and her husband let him stay with them and everything.
Bad mistake. Deadly mistake.

When the husband had had enough , he told him"nope, you can't stay here any more"

THIS is what happened:

Hope everything smooths out for you SOON!

Whatever happened to Grandmas being able to relax and bake cookies?

Joy Des Jardins said...

You've got some difficult situations going on in your family Val...stressful ones that trickle down to you. It's impossible not be involved to some extent....they are your kids. I hope and pray they get remedied very soon. You need to have some of this extra tension taken out of your this point in your life, you've earned it.

simonsays said...

Oh Charlotte, what a mess all things seem to be. No wonder you are having trouble keeping up with all of it. I feel for you, I really do. I have been guilty many times of feeling too much or caring too much and letting people take advantage, and that's a hard habit to break, I know.

At least your grandson got a job, that will be so good for him.

Hang in my dear. I so know the kind of worrying troubles you have now. Beleive me.

Have a good weekend. Big Hugs.

Maria said...

Oh, dear. I just hope it gets better for you soon.

How about a margarita? Or my favorite: an appletini...

ac said...

That's a whole lotta of stress to have all at once... I hope things settle down for you soon.

Thanks for the nice comment over at my place. I really do appreciate it. -)

Anonymous Boxer said...


xxoo to you.

fiwa said...

{{{{Val!}}}} That's me, hugging you. You sweet lady, my heart hurts for you that you're so overwhelmed right now. I'll be keeping you in my heart and thinking about you while I'm gone. I hope everything, job and custody problems all work out for your son. And that situation with your grandson's friend and your daughter, that's awful. Tell her to stick to her guns, helping him by sheltering him won't help him in the long run. How freaking sad.

Take care of yourself, please.
love you -