Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Dog Mom.....

It seems like I've always been a dog mom...and for a while I was a cat mom too. They are like our children, they just have an extra set of legs and are a bit more furry, that's all. Last winter was a bad one for me and getting that rotten cold that was going around really set me behind schedule in a lot of things. Getting my dog her shots and license was one of them. June 1st, the license fee doubles so I made the appointment and took my dog in there. They are always so happy riding in the car, heads trying to get out the window. I don't put my window down much, so about all she can get out is her nose. But that's enough to make her happy....lots of smells out there to check out. As soon as we pull into the parking lot of the vet's office, however, that happy demeanor changes. She's usually a ball of energy trying to smell every bit of grass and pavement and steps all the way to the door. Once inside, she starts to quiver and looks at me with those huge soulful eyes. We know what's best but its hard not to give in and take them back home right then.
The other dogs in the waiting room are courteous and quiet. I wonder what's going through their minds. Its fun to match up the dogs with their owners. The resemblance of dog and owner sometimes is surprising as well as humorous. Well, my dog wanted NO part of getting on the scale, which looks like a treadmill to me. She's rather small so they said they'd use the baby scale for her. She's a whopping 17 pounds when they finally weigh her, with every one of her claws grasping at whatever she can get ahold of to keep from standing on that scale. Her check-up is fine. Her tests are all fine. I get a new supply of heartworm preventative and flea preventative. She gets her nails trimmed. I bought one of those clippers, but have been so afraid to use it because some of her nails are all black and I can't see the vein. The vet also tells me that she's getting a bit of tarter build-up on her back teeth. I am amused at the fact that I leave that place with a "dog" toothbrush and a sample package of chicken flavored toothpaste. Yes, I will be brushing her teeth most every day that I remember to do it. Since its chicken flavored, I'm sure she'll let me. It kinda makes my stomach turn to think of brushing my teeth with chicken flavored toothpaste. I did ask the vet if I could use 'human' toothpaste on her and he emphatically said NO NO NO. The fluoride is bad for them. Hmmmmm....what about US, I wonder, but don't say anything. I guess I'd rather have minty fluoride than chicken flavored toothpaste.
I brought her back home and she curled up for a nap. It had been a big day for her little doggie self. Wait til she gets a load of the toothbrushing. In the meantime, I subtracted the $255 from my checkbook and wonder how people with 3 or 4 dogs can afford it.


fiwa said...

It's staggering what just preventative maintenance costs, isn't it?! I tried to brush Bitsy's teeth - but I could never get her to stop licking long enough to actually brush. I gave up and I just give her those eukenuba dental bones every now and then.

At least it's over for another year, huh?!


Kelly Jene said...

I can't wait to hear how she reacted to that toothpaste. lolol

Your doggie loves you for the treatment you give her!

Smocha said...

*retching* at the very idea of chicken flavored toothpaste. LOL

I have thought steak flavored gum would be a great diet aid though :)

I tried to cut cavutos nails last night and he squirmed ,kicked me , squealed like a pig and ran away.
I managed to cut all of ONE whole nail. ack!!

Dogs are much easier:))

Happy Thursday!

SOUL: said...

this made me think of "our" first dog..sam..a huge rottie--it was hubbies "pre-marital dog.
i almost died at the first vet bill for him... he took him to the vet-- tohave a rib bone removed from his upper jaw-- stuck sideways-- he had to be knocked out-- lest he take a hand off.
hubby came back with an additional 80.00 on the bill-- to CLEAN HIS TEETH.
at the time i had never in my life , heard of cleaning a dogs teeth. needless to say-- i was none too pleased. we were young, newly married, and not rich.
to this day that still comes up sometimes...and we have yet to pay to have any dogs teeth cleaned again by a vet. and we have been through many a dog since then.
but anyhow-- thanks for the tip= chicken toothpaste eh..
wonder if that would work for soulkid?

happy thursday!

Life at Star's Rest said...

I wouldn't do nearly as well up here by myself so much if it weren't for the dogs keeping me company. We feed a raw diet and the bones keep their teeth nice and clean. Their vet says she can spot a dog on a raw diet from 50 feet away because of healthy coat and body muscle. Carmon

Heather said...

Val, I don't have your email to let you know, but Bill and I got our Little Miss' paperwork on Monday! We're on our way. unless something awful happens, she's ours after we finsh all our paperwork and they review all our paperwork. My best hope stimate - Around Christmas.

ac said...

loling @ the chicken flavored dog toothpaste. hahahaha

I need some chocolate flavored toothpaste.

Gypsy said...

My dogs start shaking and trembling in fear when they get in the car. Car = Vet = PAIN. The other day i took them to be groomed and have a hair cut etc. One of them (Bella) is a complete drama queen and cries and yelps even when she isn't being touched. The groomer said she had to do her in fits and bursts because the noise coming out of Bella was bad for business. People thought she was running a slaughter house...tehe. Not even going to attempt the teeth cleaning.

They cost an arm and a leg but you wouldn't be without them would you?

Joy Des Jardins said...

You're a good mom Val. I am always amazed at the cost of these vet bills. My daughter has floored me several times telling me what she has paid for her cats for different things. Unfortunately she lost one of them a couple of months ago...and even that was an outrageous amount. I don't know how people with several animals do it either Val.

Maria said...

God help me...I cannot brush Sock's teeth.

He will just have to offend the ladies.

ordinaryjanet said...

Spot does that too-Mom says he starts whining when I pull into the parking lot of the vet's. When he gets inside he's nervous and paces around, dragging me to the door-he wants to leave.

I seriously doubt that Spot would allow me to brush his teeth even though he loves chicken flavored anything.

Summer said...

Vet prices are outrageous! It annoys me beyond belief. I think my pediatrician is cheaper.

mapiprincesa! said...

Yummy...all I can think is, and I quote, "bok bok".

Am too exhausted to write more but loved every word you wrote. Glad to see you and your furry one are well.

Brad said...

Your a good Mom all the way around - four legs or two, yours pups or not.

Anonymous Boxer said...

Well, I have four dogs and I'll tell you... I'm pretty sure my Vet could open a new wing with the money I've spent over the years.

Brushing their teeth will really help, and I'd love to hear more about THAT. My dogs have small sharp teeth so I've never been successful.

I'm glad everthing turned out well!

simonsays said...

I KNOW. It really DOES cost alot to take care of a dog or cat, and if you happen to have one that has health issues, ugh.

You are a wonderful mom, to everyone. I knew you would be a good dog mom, too.

I hope you are having a beautiful, relaxing weekend.



SOUL: said...

just checkin in--
hope you hae a great weekend--

The Real Mother Hen said...

First time I heard about the Chicken flavored toothpaste, now I shall demand them to make Mother-Hen flavored ones :)

In some U.S. cities, the tap water has fluoride added... so I wonder if doggies should drink mineral water from now on.

SOUL: said...

you ok charlotte?
where you hidin?
hope it's somewhere fun....

Andrew said...

Missing you and I hope you are well and enjoying Memorial Day. I worry about brushing Maggie's teeth and maybe need to start. I give her too many sweets to eat. Take care Charlotte!