Friday, May 16, 2008

Chivalry is NOT dead.....

at least not in my neighborhood. Thank the Lord. Yep, tonight I felt as though I had been transferred back through time and was living in Norman Rockwell's slice of Americana. It was wonderful...although what led me into it was a bit traumatic.

Picture this. I am driving home from work. I have about five miles to drive on a 5 lane highway. Heavy traffic, going fast. If you don't do at least 60, they run over you. I had just gotten off of that and had turned onto the road that takes me home. I had only gone about a half mile when I felt my car really begin to pull to the right. A lot. The road I was on is only a 35 mph road, so I was going slow. I was about a half mile from home when I heard the unmistakeable FLOP FLOP FLOP and the steering was hard to manipulate. There are dirt shoulders on this road and I pulled over onto one.....right in front of a fenced in house, with two dogs who barked then wagged their tails like they knew me. I got out of my vehicle and walked around to check the tire, which I already knew had to be flat. The front passenger side. As I'm walking around my car, I speak to the dogs and tell them they are good and watch the tails wag even harder. As my eyes land on the VERY FLAT front tire, I hear, "you couldn't have picked a better place to stop". I look up to see not one, not two....but THREE knights in shining armor.

They are all about 40, holding cans of beer, obviously friends. One of them says....we were just sittin' around havin' a beer and we heard that flat tire when it happened. And they just started in helping me....they took charge of the situation. Took the flat one off and put the little biddy one from the trunk on. My tire is not repairable. Its all torn up....what a mess! They chatted happily as they worked, joking about being my "pit crew" and with the likes of them, I surely would come in last place. The sun was shining, the smell of freshly cut grass and lilacs filling the air. I could hear someone's lawnmower doing its job. Kids were throwing a baseball back and forth. It was small town Americana as if Rockwell himself had painted it. I thanked them with all my heart and offered to pay them but they would have none of that. I didn't have far to go to make it home and even though I cannot see their houses from mine, they are my neighbors and I'm proud they are.

After getting safely home I thought about how much different this all could have turned out if that blow out had happened when I was doing 60 on the 5-lane highway, during rush hour when everyone is in such a hurry. I'm so glad my Guardian Angel kept me going until I reached a much quieter area and into the lives of 3 great men who really made my day and helped me forget all about having to buy a new tire. I'll buy it with a smile on my face. So chivalry is NOT dead and ..... oh I EVER glad.


Kelly Jene said...

Praise God! What a wonderful story! That really is old Americana for you. It's nice to know it's still around in places.

God is good to land you there where the help was.

Enjoy your weekend!

Brad said...

Good things come to good people. Karma baby (and God)

Did you check the other tires for wear or the flat for a puncture ? I'm betting puncture as quick as it happen.

87* here today as promised - weird freaking weather it was in the 50's at the start of the week.

talk to you soon

Smocha said...

I loved this post!!

God was truly looking out for you:)

I may have to steal this post idea it brought back many similar memories of my own "flats" and "breakdowns" which all could have been disastrous, but for the love of God , weren't.

Chicks do indeed dig chivalry

Thanks for making my morning :)

Summer said...

This story makes my little black heart turn pink!

Life at Star's Rest said...

So very glad it all worked out so well! I still am surprised by the generosity of the people who live around us...and very appreciative of it. Carmon

Anonymous said...

That's a great story! I'm glad there are people like that out there.

Gypsy said...

Three cheers for your knights in shining armour and yes thank goodness chivalry isn't dead and you managed to get to a safe place to break down. Someone sure was smiling down on you today Val. Now go out and buy a lotto ticket while you're still golden. xxx

SOUL: said...

haha... i'm late and everyone already stole my lines. hmmm.

anyhow-- i reckon you don't need me to remind you of Gods' timing.

anyways-- yep-- funny you mention chivalry isn't dead--
me and my sis say that alot-- only in the reverse order-- when dissed by the male species. :))

anyhow-- i do hope your day today brings you smiles ..

Betty said...

You were very lucky, in more ways than one.

fiwa said...

I agree with what Brad said, it's your good karma coming back to you! What a wonderful story - you know I love hearing things like that. And I'm glad you came out of it safe and sound.

Happy late Mother's day!
love ya -

Talisman said...

Found my way over here from Betty's blog.

It's nice you found some good guys to help you like that. I'm not so confident it would have happened like that where I live.

A few months back I watched a school bus slam into the back of a mini-van which proceeded to slam into the back of another car. Nobody stopped except me. Everyone else kept right on driving. They didn't care that there might be kids in the bus (there weren't thank goodness!) or a baby in the car seat that was clearly visible in the minivan (there wasn't, again thank goodness) just kept on driving.

Mary said...

God sends angels to look after us. You just met three. Another was riding with you.

Cheryl said...

I can only hope to have the same thing happen to me if I ever have a tire blow-out. I'm so thankful you had help just waiting for you.

Joy Des Jardins said...

What a refreshing story Val. You bet it could have been different...and it's scary to think just how different it could have been. Thank God there are still those wonderfully, giving and generous souls out there just waiting and willing to help. They're there....we just don't hear about them that much anymore. I'm so glad you found three of them Val. It really does make your day doesn't it. Bless they every-loving beautiful hearts.

Anonymous said...

How lucky...even in this day and age...chivalry is NOT dead!

The Real Mother Hen said...


Good people are everywhere, really, and they do run over bad people. Ops, I meant "out numbered"! :)

In all seriousness, I love good story like this, it really reminds me that earth is a good place to live :)

SOUL: said...

hi charlotte-- :))

boneman said...

That is cool.
I suspect most folks are ok and would help given the situation.

Especially a pretty thing like you.


isn't it amazing how that works out?? Not only did you have your guardian angel with you to guide your impending flat, but you also had knights-like your picture.

This is why I firmly believe the saying: "do onto others as you do for self" not exact I know, but the point is that because you are such a kind and giving person when the shadows of yuck show up in your life, you are guided through it.

Wonderful Story.
Besides that, Norman Rockwell was the best!


simonsays said...

What a truly awesome story, Val! I love hearing that folks are still helpful, sometimes that can be hard to find.

I hope your week is flowing along beautifully. I have to thank you for all the care and concern I have felt from you - you have no idea how much that helps

Big hugs right back at ya!


Smocha said...

Did Soul send you my "private " update?

Happy hump day!