Friday, November 30, 2007

Not too bright.....

The ignorance of some people totally amazes me. You would think that criminals would give their anticipated crime some…..thought. You know, wear non-descript clothing, drive an ordinary looking vehicle… other words….BLEND.

The other day, at work, just before quitting time I heard a broadcast being put out by one of our dispatchers. Seems as though three people had made off with a bunch of DVD’s from one of the area stores. They made their getaway in a pick up truck completely painted in camouflage patterns of green and brown, duel rear wheels, with a rack on the roof consisting of three sets of lights. This vehicle probably has no duplicates within the tri-state area so it was a no-brainer that an officer spotted it only seconds after the broadcast.

I passed the patrol cars with the truck pulled over alongside the highway on my way home. Shaking my head, I remember thinking to myself that these people would most likely be spending the night in custody. What with all the technical advances that the stores have done in loss prevention, people still try to get away with it. Granted, a lot of them do manage to pull it off but it’s only a matter of time before they get too brave and reckless and then they get caught.

Remember back some years ago when those sneakers first came out with those red lights in the soles? A kid wearing those broke into a house and the police were on the scene so quickly that he had to leave his loot and take off running through the woods in the dark. He was eventually caught, which was easy since he was wearing those lighted sneakers and all the officers had to do was follow the lights. Talk about a screw up! Not the sharpest knife in the drawer for sure.

I hope no one I know becomes a victim of a crime, and that includes myself. You have to be ever-vigilant these days. Unfortunately, some people would rather steal than work and that all boils down to our unethical society and the morals, or lack of, created by that. Sure wish I knew of a cure for that. I’m sure Big Al knows of one.


simonsays said...

Sometimes I watch those "stupid criminal" shows on tv, and I am always amazed. I would think that if you were going to do things like that, you WOULD think things through a little better. But I guess it's good they don't. But still, I can't help but laugh. :)

Have a good weekend.

SOUL: said...

i always laugh at those STUPID criminals too. even though i am not a thief--- if i were-- i do believe i would be a little smarter than most.

but, i must say--- i think i have an invisible tattoo on my forehead--- seen only by thieves... it reads

i have never been physically harmed... but i have had everything from a BIBLE out of my car --- to a storage bin full of fishing rids, reals, tackle, a computer--- several thousand dollars lost---even though the rods and reels--only were recovered (and the robber, never caught)
anyhow--all the way up to a WHOLE CAR!
insane. but ya just cannot trust anyone anymore. and that is just sad!

two of "my" theives were caught and convicted.

one was caught while breaking into my car--- while i was an inpatient at a hospital!!!

and another--yep--- caught breaking into my (other car years earlier..the same one that was stolen, but after i got it back)... while i was at work... the car had a bad camshaft, so it was parked there .


that's why they call me schleprock!

at least partly why!

i hate thieves!!!

happy saturday Charlotte!

Ordinary Janet said...

well, all I can say is thank goodness they don't think too hard because it's easy to catch them!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Jamie ~ oh the stories I could tell you. We needed the laughs at work to offset the tragedies we saw nearly every day. I did teach me to count my blessings, no matter how small.

Soul ~ sure sounds like you've had more than your share. Goofiest thing I ever had stolen so far was the winter hat off of my plastic "porch goose", Fiona. I tend to think that was more of a prank than anything else though. My daughter has had so many things stolen from her it makes me sick. (neighbor kid did it over a period of many months). I know it sounds gross but if we chopped off a hand as punishment for thievery like some other countries do, we may have a lot less stolen. At least it would make them think twice.
Have a soothing Saturday. Charlotte

Golden To Silver Val said...

Janet ~ I bet it helps having Spot around. Nothing like a good dog to keep away thieves. Give him a behind the ear scratching for me.

Anonymous Boxer said...

Just a reminder, too, that this is the time of year where crime/etc goes up.

The story about the sneakers made me chuckle, however.

mapiprincesa! said...

I had just been swapping idiot thief stories with my mom and another friend. How funny you should mention it. I guess there are just so many of them to go around...

Keep warm--

SOUL: said...

it wouldn't bother me one bit to live in the eye for an eye society charlotte!!!!
esp when it comes to crimes against children.
but that is a dif story.
have a happy day!

SOUL: said...

beleive it or not--i just found out that i have been robbed! go see.