Sunday, December 2, 2007

Leaf me alone.....

Friday at work was a bit stressful for a lot of folks. The weather that we've had here this fall has somehow encouraged the leaves to hang on to the branches for dear life. Not many have fallen to the ground except for the past 3 days or so........and it hasn't been good leaf raking weather or circumstances. One of those days we had winds gusting to 45 mph.

At work, I was getting a lot of phone calls complaining about the garbage company, who also pick up yard waste. Seems as though the cut-off date for yard waste is November 30. People want an extension and, of course, took it out on me when told that probably wouldn't happen. Its not the township's fault, its not even the garbage company's fault. You see, the compost site where this stuff has to be dumped closes on November 30, so after that there is no place to take the leaves and such. Boy.......people were angry! I'm in the same predicament as they are, but that is forgotten when they're talking to me.......or should I say YELLING at me. Only thing you can do is just rake them into a pile off to the side of your yard somewhere and wait until spring, unless you know someone who wants to dump them in their garden. Burning leaves has been prohibited for several years now.

Everyone is just so stressed out that they use every little opportunity as an excuse to rant and rave. Frankly, I can't see coming unglued because of a bunch of leaves, but you know what they say........different strokes for different folks.

Our big snowstorm was impressive during the night last night, but now it has warmed up and its raining so the snow is rapidly melting. We have dense fog advisories out right now.

I'm making meatloaf, baked beans, mashed potatoes and cornbread muffins for dinner today. Nothing like some good old comfort food to take your cares away........or at least shove them on the back burner for a while. Hope everyone has a restful Sunday. I'm curling up with a good book.


mapiprincesa! said...

One of last week's PostSecrets made mention of a woman who feels so alive when she walks through disrupting everyone's neatly raked leaf piles on the street awaiting pickup...the postcard went on to say that she's a 50 year old housewife.

What a way to stir up Life...rather than sitting back and complaining about it like everyone in your Township appears to be doing now.

Be well, keep warm...

Ordinary Janet said...

I guess people feel it's okay to blow their stacks at a voice on the phone.

We got rain here-a lot of it-and it's just now turned colder. We might get snow later in the week, I bet Spot will be happy even if we aren't!

simonsays said...

Man oh man, and I missed dinner!

Can I come next Sunday?

I hope your day was as peaceful as it sounded like it would be, and I hope that for you the rest of the week, too. :)

Golden To Silver Val said...

Mapi ~ LOL, that reminds me of that poem...when I get older I shall wear purple, etc. You really DO take a delight in doing some childish things when you get older...I've done a few. (snicker)

Janet ~ seems like every job I have I have to deal with rude people. Sometimes its very hard to "play nice".

Jamie ~ You would be most welcomed. You know by the time our grandkids are grown they will have probably figured out a way to send a dinner via email. LOL I did have a peaceful Sunday, it was nice.