Thursday, November 15, 2007

Intruder Alert.....

I don't know how it happened; I'm usually very cautious. He crept up on me when I wasn't looking. He wrapped his germy cape around me and whispered gleefully in my ear - "Gotcha". In an instant he was gone, running off in search of someone else, laughing; muha ha ha ha ha. It started out as a scratchy, sore throat. I gargled and that was gone by Monday but I was stuffed up to the max. NyQuil® and I have been battling this cold since then. Yesterday I felt just awful; today I'm not a lot better. I think I had a fever on top of everything else. NyQuil wiped his brow and told me he's doing the best he can for me. The only good thing about this is that I'm confident I'll be all better by Thanksgiving. It should have run its course by then. Hopefully. (hear that, NyQuil?)

In the meantime, stay safe out there. The germies are out and about and looking to get you.


mapiprincesa! said...


It's a web-based contagion. I am certain. I caught it from Zirelda. You must have from me. I haven't slept all week! But I dozed last night, twice, and both times woke up soaking wet in I must have had a bit of a fever, too, and didn't realize it.

Please take care--feel better soon!

Golden To Silver Val said...

mapiprincesa ~ thank you for your well wishes, I wish you the same. This is miserable. I'm hearing two week recovery period. Rats!! If it doesn't improve soon, I'm calling in Auntie (as in biotic) to help.

fiwa said...

You scared the heck out of me! I thought you had been attacked by a person!

Is it ok to say I'm glad it was only a bug?? :)

Poor you though, I hope you're feeling better soon.

Take care of you -

Ordinary Janet said...

NyQuil is our friend. Hope you feel better soon! (and I hope I don't catch your germs through the screen...)

Anonymous said...

Get plenty of rest...MyQuil is a best friend at these times. Do you have to cook a big 'Ol Turkey meal for others?....Bummer..maybe let someone else do it....or just keep wiping your nose and sniffling..and should scare them all away...and I find wiping your nose on your arm helps also!! Get better!! Pam 'Oh Da Woods

Golden To Silver Val said...

fiwa ~ LOL, I guess that WAS an attention getter but its just how I feel....attacked! Thank you for your well-wishes. I'm AM better today.

Janet ~ Wouldn't that be something? Maybe in my grandson's lifetime there really WILL be such a thing. Thank you for the good wishes.

Pam ~ Sigh...yes, I have to do the seasonal cooking o' da bird. I don't even think wiping snot could get me out of it. My gang is a hungry bunch. LOL I do feel better tho. I think NyQuil is beginning to get the upper hand. Thanks for the get well wishes.