Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday thoughts.....

Its late afternoon Saturday and the dog and I are alone. The house, once more, is quiet. No little footsteps running up and down the hallway, no bursts of childish laughter, no temper tantrums......and that's just the adults. Just kidding.......or am I? Really though, its been wonderful having my family here but its also nice to kick back and relax in the silence. My batteries need recharging badly. Plus that, I have books calling my name.

I'd like to give a big hug to the person who coordinated a Spongebob Squarepants Marathon for all day long yesterday. What a brilliant idea. It kept the kids occupied and out of trouble a great deal of the time. It also amused me. Am I weird or what? I love Spongebob. He is so irritating that he is endearing.

If no one pops in on me I have enough leftovers for my dinner tonight. Yum. By tomorrow I will be totally sick of turkey and all the trimmings but tonight it still sounds mighty good.

We still have light snow covered ground and its lightly snowing now. Supposedly tomorrow its going to warm up to 40 and then rain. Then its back to work on Monday. We are not going all out on Christmas presents this year.......only the kids will get presents. As adults we will give hugs and blessings. Everything is just so darn expensive and in most households money is very tight. Since so many toys have been recalled, I will have to be very careful in my selections.

And speaking of that........what is with some of these toys coming out? I was totally surprised at some of the offerings. A dog that you feed 'biscuits' to and those same biscuits come out as poop when you push its tail. You take those same 'items' and then feed the dog again with the same result. What kind of message is this sending? I'm not getting good vibes about that one. I've heard its one of the ones that's been recalled because of lead. Go figure..... How about the doll that you feed 'special' baby food to, only to have it come out the other end in a diaper? What ever happened to imagination? Aren't these little girls going to have enough diapers to change when they grow up? Now they have to change their TOY'S diapers. And isn't that going to make a yucky mess INSIDE the about a breeding ground for bacteria! Oh.......and how about the dog I just saw advertised today......he is a plush toy but he lifts his leg and pees. read that right. You have to buy little 'pee pads' for it. Toys are supposed to be FUN.........this sounds like work to me........not to mention I bet those pee pads and special baby food and diapers all cost a pretty penny to keep in supply. These marketers really have a money thing going here. I am NOT going to buy my granddaughters anything like this......I think its terrible. But that's just my humble opinion.


Ordinary Janet said...

You know what's creeping me out? that Robopanda thing. No imagination required. And it "comes with its own plush toy"! Really-a toy that has its own toy? In the commercial, it looks like the boy is taking the Robopanda and the little girl is running behind him clutching the little stuffed toy. Great-something else for the kiddies to fight over. And I bet that a week after Christmas, this undoubtedly expensive toy will have exhausted its novelty.

SOUL: said...

i'm right there with you on your humble opinion!
luckily my girl is beyond the toy stage. ummm--or is that UN-luckily?? thins seem to get more expensive the older the kid gets anymore. ipod this or iwant that! by the time they're twelve---if it isn't electronic, they want nothing to do with it.

but anyhow--- this is my first time here... i'll be back.

hope you are taking it easy today.

isn't sponge bob great?
your description fit him perfectly!

mapiprincesa! said...

Lovely. I haven't seen those ads...but tv is rather limited in my house. Yuck.

Thanks for the heads-up!

SOUL: said...

just lookin for new news... hmmmm... cat got yer tongue?? :))

i just can't keep quiet anymore about this----
i need to tell you a little something....

i saw you on my pals page... when you said you had been lurking and praying for her. it was sooooooo ironically ironic!!!!!
know why?
because i had literally JUST been on chat with her online, and had told her that people that she didn't even know were praying for her!!!!! she seemed to "not get it" at first.
then i saw YOUR comment on her page...after telling her she had a "prayer chain"!!!
that's why i said what i did about the "link"
and .. why i had to come and find our more about you.... and i gotta say--- i like who i found here!
thanks for prayin for my friend... every one of them count you know.
i will be adding your daughter to my list as well.
take care of yourself...

and PLEASE...if yu don't mind... get rid of this eye thing... i cannot see the word verification at times, and sometimes i lose my comment for it.
sorry to be a pain... but you are not the first that i have had to ask to do that. :)) sorry

i hope you enjoy your day today!

(ugh---see? a second time, i have to do this. :))

simonsays said...

Val, I love your blog, if you don't mind, I'll be back---and what Soul says is true, it happened just that way, I thought it was so odd, but God does work that way, I know. :)

Thanks for commenting on mine, and I'll be back!

fiwa said...

It is nice to be alone again after family visits, isn't it? I need peace and quiet and plenty of alone time.

What books are you reading?

Golden To Silver Val said...

soul ~ I think I fixed the 'eye' thing you talked about. If not, let me know. Happy to hear from you and hope we can chat often.

Simonsays ~ Yep, its true. I've been praying for you. So glad you visited me and glad you'll be back.

fiwa ~ You got that right kid! I need my alone time too. Just finished reading Koontz's THE GOOD GUY and Harlan Coben's THE WOODS, and am now reading INFIDEL by Ayaan Hirst Ali (this is true and very revealing). A book that I enjoyed immensely was ONE THOUSAND WHITE WOMEN by Jim Fergus. I think you'd like it. I have a stack of 29 books waiting for me yet.

SOUL: said...

THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH for getting rid of that thing!!!!! i mean it.
i appreciate it immensely. you really would be surprised how many people have removed it...just for me! i must be worth it eh? that feels GOOD.
thanks a bunch. makes it easier for me to talk to people...otherwise it just makes me not want to bother---and i hate that when it'[s someone i REALLY want to talk to---like YOU.

like you!

in fact--- i'm gonna have to link ya today--- cuz if you've read much of my page by now--- you KNOW--- my memory is shot. even when i like someone--- if they aren't linked..i forget to visit. and i wouldn't want to miss your page.

c ya soon.

oh and when i say ya can't shut me up--- by now--- already--- you know that to be true eh?

hope ya don't mind!