Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Shoo Flu.....

The other night on my way home from work I stopped in at my local CVS Pharmacy to pick up my prescription refills. While there I noticed some signs posted in the store stating that they dispense flu shots at their “Minute Clinic”. Since my doctor’s office is closed when I get off work, I decided to check it out.

I was able to get my flu shot, which my insurance totally paid for, in less than 10 minutes. I’m a firm believer in flu shots. I have gotten them every year now for the last 15 years and I can tell you that they really DO help. I’ve only had the flu a couple times in that time period and both were mild cases.

I used to get them either at the Health Dept. or the senior center for a small fee (started out being $3, then eventually went up to $7.) but they have cut back on that it seems. Lately I’ve gotten them at my doctor’s office when I could find time to get there before they closed, but insurance never covered them for me until this year. I’m glad they are finally getting wise and are starting to pay for them.

So, “Kudos” to CVS and the Minute Clinic. They were very professional and administered the shot privately behind a closed door. I was promptly treated by a “nurse practitioner”, in full uniform. They claim that they treat several other minor things, as well as give other vaccines. Seems like we are going back to the way things used to be maybe 100 years ago when the neighborhood “drugstores” were like doctors. The local pharmacist was as highly respected as was the town doctor as far as dispensing medications for common ailments. With all the waiting you have to do at the doctor’s anymore, maybe this is a good way to get the ‘little’ things taken care of. NOW….if only some people don’t abuse it, we may have a good thing going here.


Anonymous said...

Have you gotten your peeeeenumonia shot also?
I did...it hurts like a bugger..but I heard it is good for 5 years and worth it!
Oh..also love that recipe...keep em' comin' for us not to talented women of da Ozarks...I'm gittin' sick of road kill!!! Pam

Ordinary Janet said...

I haven't heard of CVS having a Minute Clinic, I wonder if they're all over or just in certain areas? It sounds wonderful, but I'm wondering if they'll last the first time someone sues them for malpractice. *sigh*