Monday, November 26, 2007

Suddenly....the S-word

I can admit I sure didn't want to get my ample butt out of bed and into work this morning, especially in the cold. I zip through a drive-through for coffee and cinnamon minis on the way for me and my co-worker and that starts the day off nicely. We were fairly busy today and the day went fast. I looked out the window in the afternoon to what looked like a blizzard. The police calls were going crazy with accidents. Ahh.....the first significant snowfall and people are sliding around and off the road like bumper cars. About now, I wanted to be home, in my jammies and on the couch with a good book and a hot cup of coffee.....or maybe my favorite mixed drink....a White Russian. Thankfully I don't live too far from work and I was anxious for 5 p.m. to arrive. Yep, the roads were bad and I swear it seems like every year we have the first snowfall, we also have an abundance of drivers who have forgotten how to drive on slippery roads. I think we received about 3 inches of heavy, wet least. I was never so happy to reach my driveway. Other drivers make me seriously nervous.

My son has the house decorated in Christmas lights that look so inviting but nothing was as inviting as my jammies and the White Russian drink I fixed myself 10 minutes after I pulled into the garage. Ah yes......matriarch of my domain.

My co-workers who ventured out on Black Friday had horror stories like you wouldn't believe. Even though a few of them got some bargains, they all admit that it was not worth all the hell they went through to get them. Frankly, I was quite happy with a purchase I made the Monday before Thanksgiving......a $160 winter coat for my grandson for $80 and free shipping using a promo code from All done online within the comfort of my home. Maybe I'll get through the holiday season with my sanity intact this year.

In the meantime......we have snow. Quite a bit of it. I'm sure it will melt within a few days. In my corner of the world, the weather changes at the blink of an eye. However it is a prelude of things to come; several months of bitter cold and snow covering most everything. Its beautiful for Christmas but after that.......its really not that enticing since I'm not a snow bunny with a 44 inch bustline and 23 inch waist who looks great in a skiing outfit. I think I was refilling my plate at the buffet when God passed out those attributes and I missed out entirely.


Ordinary Janet said...

I hate driving in the snow. I'm always afraid some idiot will be driving way too fast for the conditions and hit me.

After the horrible heat we had this summer, I'm kind of looking forward to cold weather, but I'm not looking forward to shoveling snow and trying not to break my neck or anything important on icy sidewalks. It's pretty to look at if you don't have to go outside, though!

SOUL: said...

you have such a great mix of humor, humbleness, and compassion that i just want to go have lunch with you!!! and you did mention a buffet right? those are my favorite--- well, as long as they are fresh--- and clean--- i could tell you a few stories--- but i don't want to ruin your appetite!

i just realized who you remind me of--- charlotte--- from charlottes web!!!

funny how people click in this strange world of blog!!!

have a great day today... stay safe on the roads--- and have a drink for ME----or six!!!!
i can't afford that luxury...just so ya know :)) so, other folks drink for me

SOUL: said...

i gotta say.... i love your little copy right thing--- it drives me crazy sometimes, when i see people using "my stuff"
i don't know why...just does.
i have a friend who thinks it's really funny that i go so nutty about it... i just do.
oh well.
i spose YOU understand. eh?

i have lots to do today--- but do plan on doing some reading over here later.

i hope things are good in your world today!

fiwa said...

I'm not a big fan of snow anymore, it scares me to drive in it. Glad you got home safe & sound.

Yum, a white russian, that sounds so good.

simonsays said...

I have to agree with you here, people act like they have NEVER seen snow on the first snowfall, and I live where it snows every damned year.

And black friday? NO WAY. :)

I love white russians. :)