Sunday, May 3, 2009

Misc. ramblings.....or better known as this n' that

I thought maybe I'd just finish up some loose ends. Remember my request to get door delivery of my mail?

Well, that got shot down. The Congressman's liaison did try and the first denial was appealed but my postmaster is as uncaring and cold as they come. Maybe someday he'll have problems walking very far and he will be treated the same way. You know how those things do tend to happen. I guess the part that hurt the most was he had to lie about me. One of reasons why I was turned down was because I "had a husband here who could get the mail for me". My 'husband' has been out of these premises for over 25 years now so I really don't know where this postmaster is getting his information. I live alone. I made sure the girl at the Congressman's office knew that too. I had even lowered my request and was only asking for winter month door delivery and they still refused me. Oh well. I'll figure something out. I'm not going to lose any sleep over this.

All this swine flu talk really started working on me. I have never thought myself to be paranoid but it seemed like every time you turned on the radio or TV or even eavesdropped on anyone's conversation....that's what it was about. I actually was beginning to feel sick. I dragged myself through the week at work. Our boss had the maintenance men disinfecting doorknobs and countertops and I do commend him for taking that extra step as the general public, for the most part, are pigs. I'm sorry, but its true. The hygienic practices of most people leave a lot to be desired. I especially hate it when someone comes in wanting help and they are coughing and sneezing all over the place (your desk) and wiping their nose with their fingers and then ask to use your pen. I have told people to keep the pens before or if they leave them, I've swiped them off the desk and into the trash. Am I paranoid?

I stopped after work on Friday and got some groceries. The whole time I was there I kept thinking about all the germs that were probably on the handle of the grocery cart. I couldn't wait to get into my car and wipe my hands down with disinfectant wipes I carry with me. So for most of this weekend I have slept a lot. I think I must have needed it and today I feel much better. But thinking along those lines, I did want to say this last thing.....did you ever notice that you can go ALL DAY LONG and the phone won't ring but if you lay down to take a nap or if you get into the shower....guaranteed....the phone will ring within five minutes. I used to think this was funny but now that I'm older and bitchier, it just plain makes me mad. Yes, the answering machine can get it if you're in the shower....but if you're wakes you up and makes you mad and....ever try to sleep when you're mad? Its the cherry topping on the sundae when the caller happens to be a SOLICITOR. I always threaten to take the phone off the hook when I'm going to lay down....but I'm afraid to in case something happens to someone in my family and they need to get in touch with me. (worry, worry, worry)

The Money Fairy must still be working for me. I received my bill from the gas company and nothing is due as I have overpaid during this past year. I only paid what they budgeted for me...but I do keep my heat turned down at night and when I'm not that paid off!!

Hope everything is going good in your little corner of the world. Its almost 70 here and the grass is getting nice and green and that, in itself, just makes me happy, happy, happy. Keep smilin'.


forsythia said...

A neighborhood school will be closed until May 18th due to an unconfirmed case of swine flu. I think (hope) the whole pandemic thing has been overblown by the media.

Sorry about your mail situation. The PO is about to raise its rates. Again. Seems to me that they could be just a tad more accommodating.

Dear Liza said...

You sound pretty good, assuming that no one wakes you up! It's about time that we have time to write about the little annoyances of life, instead of the giant catastrophe's that we have grown used to. So, I am wishing you and ME....happy boring life. Teehee.

Hope you feel better this week...and keep on disinfecting EVERYTHING.

Hugs. :)

SOUL: said...

hi there my charlote spidey pal!
i don't have time to read this right now-- i know , i suck. i'm sorry. i'm waaaay behind with everyone again. i'll try to be a better friend...i promise.
but i'm even late heading out for my appointment-- so i gotta run. i just wanted to jump in and say hi and give you a big texas hug!
love ya

Brad said...

God love ya, you sent me a money angel! - THANKS BABY!

Kelly Jene said...

They had a whole bunch of cases around here that turned out to not be the swine flu. Don't worry! They have meds to cure you even if you do get it, which you won't, cuz I'm praying for you!

Love ya friend! Sorry I haven't been around in a while.

boneman said...

So, what's a pig sty in the sky?
I dunno, either, but, that's where the swine flu.

Well, we'll just skip by your actual age, because we all know you're probably a spry 39.

However...I have heard by way of one of the cogs or gears from the rumor mill, that this swine flu that's on us now? Is similar to a strain that breezed through in the fifties, and that those of us who were touched then, of course, have the immunity to deflect hard problems.

Of course, It never hurts to have an umbrella.
Well...I mean, if swine flu....