Thursday, April 30, 2009

Maybe there's something to this.....

About a week ago a friend sent me one of those emails that you are supposed to pass on. She said that two days after she sent it, she found money in the parking lot. I usually don't do those but this one caught my attention since it had the word "money" attached to it. Like in .... getting money. It was a "Money Fairy" and said if I passed it along that I would get some unexpected money. Wow....who couldn't use THAT.

I passed it along to several friends and waited. Two days after, I received a notice in the mail stating that the President had signed something that would give me, as well as many others, $250 just because I get Social Security. Well, that was unexpected and I sure can use it. A day after that I received my income tax refund. I expected that but I still can use it. Today I received a phone call stating that I had been overcharged on a bill and my refund of $300 would be coming in the mail tomorrow or the next day. Now, THAT was truly unexpected.

Makes you sort of wonder if there isn't something to these "good luck fairies". I'm not about to look a gift the mouth. Let me know if you want her....I'll send her on to you too.



So that's why I've been so low..I'm always deleting those emails..

very cool! Maybe it's because you deserve a break from all the drama lately..because you do!

getting back because you give so much!


Brad said...

Wait just a minute. You mean money is actually flowing INTO your wallet? Boy howdy it must be some kinda miracle. 'bout time something went your way baby!


Dear Liza said...

Yup---I have to agree with both commentors above. It IS about time something went your way. Hugs and junk----J.


Joy Des Jardins said...

Well Val, you might have something there. I think I got that very same e-mail. I believe I sent it on too..just for the very same reasons you did....'it couldn't hurt' right? To be honest I wasn't keeping track of any windfalls that may have come my way after that; but I did get my notice in the mail for MY #250 social security payment too (I get my husband's since he passed away 3 1/2 years ago.)

In any certainly deserve to have a few 'ups' come your way sweetie. You are such a wonderful person.... I hope there are more to come.... Love, Joy

Boxer said...

I think the Universe just thinks you're due a very nice things right now. Much deserved.

now, when are you sending us that email? :-)