Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

My own Mom passed away over 26 years ago and I still miss her immensely. We were very close. I don't think you ever get over losing your Mom. She will be on my mind more than usual all day today. If I close my eyes and think really hard, I can still smell her perfume.

Motherhood....what a wonderful event in any female's life. You can be assured that your life will never be the same once it has occurred. No matter if you're a duck watching over a flock of 14, or an elephant nourishing your single baby, your first thoughts are the protection and survival of your young. Through teary eyes I read the story of a female stray cat who repeatedly went back into a burning garage and rescued every single one of her eight babies, doing much damage to herself in the process....but her babies survived. She's ok now too and has been taken in by loving people who will see to it she is content for the rest of her days. We've all seen articles about dogs who nurse orphaned kittens or even ones as far-fetched as a tigress nursing little piglets.

What is this mysterious emotion that is so full of unselfish.....and so deeply ingrained that a mother will risk life and limb for her offspring. There is nothing so vicious as a mother protecting her young. I'm sure it has puzzled mankind since the beginning of time and will continue to do so. I am proud to have been born female so that I could experience this first-hand. So today I wish all my sisters a Happy Mother's Day. Men, you do realize that just being female is all it takes to have that emotion....we do not have to have given birth......its just there and on this special day, I mentally embrace all of you. We are awesome. (note...I do realize there are some bad mothers out there and for them I am truly sorry for their flaws...thank God they are the minority)


fiwa said...

Happy Mother's Day, dear friend. To you & your daughter both.

Cherish each other.
love you,

Dear Liza said...

I hope your day was wonderful....

And another week begins.

Happy Monday, awesome friend.


Heather BT said...

Thanks from a new Mother of Two, still in China, for this well written article.
Heather BT

Brad said...

And a late Happy Mothers Day to you!

desert dirt diva said...

Your are so true in your thoughts, i don't think anyone could have written this mothers praise any better, and your right about your mom too , i do still have my mom, but i don't want to or can't imgine life without her...and i know she still misses my granma, very much.. they to were very close