Thursday, May 21, 2009

Maybe an earth angel.....

Do you think my daughter could possibly be an earth angel? All the trauma that happened in our lives earlier this year really put our faith to the test....but we didn't lose it.

Now this class that she has to take.....the instructor has asked her to mentor a particularly difficult person who has recently joined the class. He's having a hard time reaching deep within himself to answer the questions and do the class assignments. My daughter says his case is extremely sad....lots of difficult memories from his childhood.

I am so proud of her....proud that the instructor has seen something in her and recognizes her abilities as well as a realization that she really doesn't have the problems that the other students seem to have. We have tried to find a reason for what happened to her and maybe the door is opening a bit for us. I think she was put in this situation to help this person. I think that she has become his earth angel and he is her assignment. My daughter is showing a talent I did not know she had.....that she really didn't know she had. She has the ability to teach. She has the ability to reach people and they respond to her. The whole class of 15 people respond to her every week....they have written to the instructor that she is an inspiration to them.

My heart swells. God knows she will do her best to complete this assignment He has asked of her. When this is over, she wants to pursue teaching....she is glowing with the knowledge that she is truly helping someone....possibly more than just one. Its true, you know.....God DOES work in mysterious ways.


Dear Liza said...

What a completely awesome idea! This comes as no surprise to me, though --- YOU are her mother. And you certainly are an inspiration to all.

I love that you can recognize the good in the middle of all that sucks.

Big hugs, friend. :)

josie2shoes said...

I love this story Val, because it is so true. Sometimes we feel totally misplaced, and then we are brought to the realization that there is a purpose for our being there. Your daughter sounds awesome, and you have good reason to be proud of her. The gift of compassion and understanding is precious indeed!

happyone said...

Oh yes, your daughter is an Earth Angel!!
It's amazing how we can get through the bad times and come out the other end and see what God had planned for us all along.