Wednesday, December 12, 2007

With a song in my heart......

The other night I went to bed with my mp3 player. I must have close to 200 songs on it and each one holds a memory. Isn’t that really what songs are all about? I probably listened for over an hour before I got so sleepy I knew I’d better shut it off. The songs today just can’t hold a candle to those songs of my youth and herein defines the generation gap.

I can remember my mom thinking that Elvis was really a dirty boy and that his song, “Hound Dog” was just awful. His hip gyrations were considered to be too sexual. How can you listen to such garbage, she would say. Sound familiar? I have said that to my children in reference to some of their songs and now I’m saying it to my grandson, who is 17. Oh my Lord, what would my mom say about the language in songs now, not to mention the language and scenes on regular television?

In remembering back, I know I listened to those songs because I truly LIKED them….not because I wanted to rebel against my parents. I still think the 60’s had the best music ever, even though a good song will come along now here and there. I have always tried to be objective and therefore think to myself that my grandson listens to these songs because he likes them, not because we DON’T. But, unfortunately, I find nothing to like about some of this music, if you want to call it that……unless we’re talking about Country, of course. Country music never seems to change….its real life set to music. Some of it so hurtful you can’t bear to listen because, its YOUR LIFE they are singing about.

Like they are supposed to do, I guess….they evoke emotions…some songs make me sad, while others make me happy. A song that has never let me down as far as making me happy is “Low Rider”….don’t know why, but it just puts me in a damn good mood. So, I’ll bogie out of here to the tune of Low Rider, feelin’ happy for all my blessings and not letting other thoughts creep in………like how I’d like to kick the a$$ of the guy who honestly RAN to beat me to the ATM machine. (what a putz). I keep visualizing how funny it would have been if he would have tripped and fallen as he was running to get ahead of me. Aren’t I sadistic? (evil snicker)


fiwa said...

I know just what you mean. Silly Love Songs by Wings does it for me. And no, visualizing the guy falling doesn't make you sadistic. Sticking your foot out to make it happen would. Fantasizing about it is just a human way to get out the agression without acting on it. *I* would have imagined him falling and myself stepping OVER his prone body on the way to the ATM.

Hugs to you for your positive outlook in refusing to let that turkey get you down.


Gypsy said...

I love all kinds of music, yes even the stuff my kids like. There is very little that I won't listen to with the exception of heavy metal. That just does my head in. My MP3 player goes with me everywhere. Music can really lift your spirits and sometimes bring you down depending on what you're listening to and what it means to you. The world would certainly be a sad place without it.

simonsays said...

It's awesome that you have your music with you...I like all music, too. Even country, or maybe especially country...

Nah, you aren't sadistic...I think that would have been funny, too.

Have a really, really good day!

SOUL: said...

i would like to have heard you be able to tell us the jerk DID trip and fall..and you walked passed with a "have a nice trip"???

i hate people like that.

anyhow good post.
i love all kinds of music too---

but lately it seems to make my head hurt.
but then again, everything does. hmmm.

anyway... happy thursday!!!

Velvet Sacks said...

I know just what you mean about the traffic. The population in our area grew enormously after Hurricane Katrina (We're about 60 miles north of New Orleans), and the additional traffic has made driving a real challenge. I drive one route to work and a different one home, each route chosen to eliminate life-or-death left turns.

And I don't think you're sadistic at all. It would have been funny if the guy had fallen -- or if the ATM had eaten his card.