Saturday, September 29, 2007

I may be slow but I'm ahead of you....

The title of this post seems to be what was on this one person’s mind the other morning. I pulled up to the light on my way to work on a beautiful morning and stopped because it was red. Actually, I was the third vehicle back from the light. The light turns green and because the first vehicle, I’m calling the honkee, did not leap from his stationary position with the speed of light, he got honked at by the vehicle behind him, I’m referring to as the honker. This was not just a tap on the horn but a loud long BEEP that just had attitude written all over it. It took place on a stretch of two-lane highway, which has another stop signal exactly a mile away. The honkee took offense and decided to take revenge…he proceeded to travel this stretch of highway at exactly 28 miles per hour. The speed limit is 40 mph. Its morning rush hour, traffic is heavy and passing is not really an option here.

Honkee is not only getting even with the honker but with all the innocent vehicles behind the honker, which includes me. The honker was absolutely livid, weaving back and forth in passing attempts, chomping on his steering wheel, no doubt tailgating as a form of intimidation. I’m positive the honkee was getting pure delight out of this. If the honker could have sprouted wings and flown over that vehicle, I'm sure he would have. I honestly thought he was going to attempt to pass on the gravel shoulder….I’m positive it crossed his mind. I was becoming fearful and started easing back away from these two idiots. I figured if they caused a crash I was leaving myself plenty of room for escape. By now there is quite a line of cars traveling at this slow pace behind the honkee. This was not amusing. I didn’t come unglued over it because I knew it would only last a mile before the road widens. I would be turning and getting away from them. I did catch myself shaking my head and muttering about how crazy people have gotten.

I never got to see if these people were young or old, male or female. The honker was in a large SUV ahead of me and it blocked my view. But what is the MATTER with people? We are all driving potential lethal weapons and to play around like this is just plain wrong. It seems as though humanity is living under such great amounts of stress that they look for any and every reason to vent it. I know the honker’s day was totally ruined. If he is a boss, he probably went to work and screamed at his subordinates, who in turn took it out on each other or their spouses. The honkee probably felt justified and proud of himself and quite possibly went to work and bragged of his immature behavior but he must remember what goes around comes around. As for the rest of us, we were slowed up for a mile; people way back in the line never knew why and took it in stride. As for me, I went to work and told this same story and heard similar tales from my co-workers. I’m thinking that Anger Management should be a required course in high school.


Anonymous Boxer said...

Hi - I followed you through Andrew's blog... my Mother was mentally ill and an addict. I also read his blog in hopes of understanding more about the mind of an addict. She died last June, but it's helpful to me to know I'm not alone AND that it wasn't something I could fix for her. I just wanted you to know YOU'RE not alone, either - Jenny

fiwa said...

Amen to anger management classes, and let's add classes in common decency and basic manners!

Good for you for not letting it get you riled up or ruin your day.

fiwa said...

Just popping back in to say my new blog is up and running at:


Ordinary Janet said...

Yay for the honkee! But I agree, it wouldn't hurt to have anger management classes in high school. Might go a long way towards making the world a better place.