Sunday, September 2, 2007

I used to notice......

I'm a people watcher...always have been and probably always will be as long as I keep my wits about me. In my younger days, I remember often seeing older people, oldsters, seniors...however you want to describe them...walking around and slowly shaking their head from side to side, while muttering to themselves. I always wondered I know why. I catch myself doing it now...a LOT. I'm a baby-boomer on the edge.
I didn't even know what a BLOG was a year ago. Then work associates of mine gave me their BLOG address and told me to check it out. I got curious one day and started clicking on "next blog" and, one link led to another so I found a lot of them that I enjoyed immensely. But I did notice that mostly all of them are written by people much younger than me. Although enjoyable, I can no longer identify with having a houseful of kids. I thought maybe I'd start a BLOG and put down some of my thoughts. YIKES! That's almost scary. Maybe I'll find out that I'm not alone in my thought processes (at least I hope not).
So, to start, I'll mention that I was retired, then went back to work part-time to make ends meet after my grown children (I have two) had problems making ends meet and asked Mom (that would be ME) for some help here and there. I know this has to be a familiar scenario with the way the job market is and the price of things in general. I also have 3 grand children and they have needs too. How many "My Little Ponies" can one child need? My grand son is a teenager and OMG how things have changed since MY kids were teens! I could write a book just on that subject alone.
In the meantime, I will relax with a White Russian and plan my next strategies to keep my sense of humor from hightailin' it and leaving me totally defenseless.

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