Monday, September 3, 2007

One of the thousands of things I've learned.....

I noticed that my neighbors had to hook up to city water recently after their well went dry. It brought back a memory. Rewind....25 years. I wake up to a storm and no power. Now I have to get ready for work and no power means, among other things, no water. I can take my toothbrush and paste to work with me. I can comb my hair and slap on some makeup using a flashlight, but how can I "wash up"? I loved Noxema at the time and used it on my face on a regular basis. So I used that to cleanse my face....don't have to use water or rinse with that. I figured what worked on the top part could work on the lower. (hey, give me a break, I'm half asleep and a stressed out working mom) So I proceed to freshen myself up in the nether regions using Noxema. WAHOO!. Lord 'ave Mercy! DON'T ever do that! For 2 seconds it actually felt OK, then it started burning like hell. I was in a mess for sure. I am hopping around the bathroom in semi-darkness, cussing myself for my sheer stupidity, and my thought processes are in full speed ahead trying to come up with a solution FAST. I ended up using Pond's cold cream and another washcloth. I tell you, I had the softest butt and vagina in town, I just KNOW it.
So, from then on, after dishes were done, I would fill up the whistling tea kettle with water, JUST IN CASE. I no longer have to do that as I no longer have a well. One good thing about paying for still have it when the power goes off.
Stick with me and I'll keep you knowledgeable on all kinds of important stuff.

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