Wednesday, September 5, 2007

And the beat goes on......

Last night I was lying in bed, trying to find a comfortable spot so I could go to sleep. At my age, this has become…shall we say, challenging. After settling for a few minutes I noticed that the pounding noise I had been hearing was not my heartbeat after all, but was from car speakers and it was steady instead of getting fainter.

Now on a regular basis we have vehicles that pass by the house on audio waves; the wheels are not touching the ground, they are floating on the vibrations produced by the music coming from within. Sometimes I relive the movie, Jurassic Park. Remember when the T-Rex was coming and the vibrations made the water in the glass move? I sometimes think of War of the Worlds. The noises made by the aliens are a close comparison. I live in the suburbs. I have lived in the same house for 36 years and it’s a bit more built up now than it was when we first moved here, but its still not “city life”. The noise….can I describe it any other way? No….I don’t think so. The noise coming from these vehicles simply amazes me. Number One, I cannot imagine what the audible level must be INSIDE the vehicle when your can hear that same vehicle coming from at least a half mile away. I can’t fathom how this could be enjoyable. To me, its seriously dangerous. How could you possibly hear a siren? I have often wondered what city dwellers must go through if they live close to an intersection. The noise must be horrendous. Say 2 cars are stopped at a light and both have these loud speakers going except its two different beats. That has to be interesting to say the least. (headache, anyone?)

There is a subject who lives close to my neighborhood, just where I have yet to determine. Most of the time, he passes by about 2 in the morning. I know what he drives because I’ve looked. I’m using the general term of “he”, but it could be a “she”, although doubtful. His speakers are so loud, you can honestly hear him coming from more than a half mile away. His vibrations have caused pictures to go crooked on my walls and knick knacks to fall from my shelves. (BTW, “Blue Tack” is a putty-like substance that’s great for keeping pictures straight and knick knacks in their place.) Anyway, I have called this person many unflattering names, muttering them as I punch my pillow after being awakened by his “vibes”. I often have dreams about cutting the wires to his speakers, then wrapping him up in duct tape and forcing him to listen to someone’s nails on a chalkboard for hours on end….but he’d probably like it.

Now, back to what I started out with. The pounding noise was not getting any weaker so I looked outside. There are 3 cars pulled off to the side of the road, one of them has the speakers set to “jack-hammer”. Apparently some one had committed a faux pas and now we were going to have a flexing of the muscles, mostly jaw. People were out of their cars, the cuss words went back and forth, doors were slammed, then tires were squealed with more cussing following that. It finally dispersed with everyone going their separate ways, each satisfied that they had given the other a “what for”. After confirming that no one was lying prone in the middle of the street, I trudged back to my bed, slowly shaking my head from side to side. Remember? I told you I do that a LOT.

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