Saturday, October 6, 2007

To Toss or Not to Toss.....

I’ve been really busy cleaning and trying to de-clutter, as well as working more hours at my part-time job. I am such a pack-rat. I really get mad at myself for that. (I still have my Tonette from 6th grade) I gave away a lot of clothes but still have more to go through. At this point I think I will just go through things a little at a time this winter. It broke my heart to give away stuff I really loved, but I needed to face up to reality. I could not get myself into those clothes right now and even if I went on a strict diet, they would all be out of style and possibly dry rotted by the time they did fit me. So I bit the bullet and gave them up. My reward was more closet space and a pile of empty hangers. Although I did get a bonus. I found $7. in cash and a brand new sweater, complete with tags, that I had forgotten about. It is my current size too. Scary that I can’t remember buying it. It had gotten shoved to the back of the closet. Shows ya how much I must have needed it. I have a definite problem with buying stuff on sale that I anticipate needing. Stores love people like me. Charge card issuers love people like me.

This charging is going to stop. I have turned over a new leaf. I am in the process of consolidating my bills and will only have one charge card to pay on after everything is set in place. My part time job may not last much longer so I have to make sure I can get by comfortably on my pension and social security, which is a guaranteed income. I would like to still work a couple days a week but am not sure what’s going to happen with the position I’m filling right now. If it goes to full time I would be unable to do that. I don’t want to do that. I enjoy being retired and just dappling enough in the work world to keep my brain from rusting.

In my little corner of the world we are experiencing what they call Indian Summer. We have very warm temps, as high as 85 on some days, and the trees have all turned into a bright array of nature’s colors. Its beautiful and my favorite time of year. I was just thinking about it and Mother Nature is cleaning too. She is shedding her present coat of leaves in anticipation of getting all new clothes next spring. And thinking of Spring, makes me think of a winter season we have to go through. I’m not looking forward to Winter. I love the snow on Christmas Eve and Day, but not any other time. It seems as though the seasons go so fast now. My dad always told me that time flies as you get older and he sure was right. I’ve been thinking about getting one of those “day clocks”. They tell you what day it is, along with the time. Don’t laugh. If you don’t have a set routine, the days all seem to run in together. You’ll see. LOL

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Ordinary Janet said...

I'm ready for fall! I've had my fill of high temperatures and no rain. Soon, I'll probably be bitching about being cold, but at this point I'm ready for a change.

Hey, I never heard of those Day Clocks! I might get one sometime, I love unusual stuff like that.