Thursday, October 29, 2009

some good, some bad.....

Well, I just love a good hot cup of coffee and that's a good thing. Yesterday I went to heat up something in my microwave and it stopped working after only running 10 seconds. And that's a bad thing. I've had it for about 12 years and its worked perfectly so that's a good thing but if I have to replace it, that's a bad thing.

This morning I went to my trusty coffee-maker to brew up a pot and it wasn't working. Its the kind that keeps the water hot in a reservoir and then drips through the grounds. The water was not hot. Hmmmm...this is most definitely a bad thing. I figured that this was too much of a coincidence that two things quit working at once so I checked the outlet and ..... no power to the coffee maker one. Well, this could be a good thing....maybe nothing more than a tripped circuit breaker. So I go downstairs to check.

Now, last year I had my fuse box converted to circuit breakers but have not had to deal with the box until now. None of the breakers are marked! This is a bad thing. I don't know what I'm doing. One looked like it might be off, but it wouldn't stay on when I flipped it. So now I'm going to have to get someone over here to find out what's wrong. Do I feel stupid? Why yes.....yes I do!

I come back upstairs and plug the coffee maker into a working outlet. At least a nightlight works when I plug it in. The coffee-maker does nothing but sit there and refuse to work for me. I end up boiling water on the stove and pour it through the grounds in the carafe to make a pot of not so good coffee. I don't bother moving the microwave and fooling with that outlet. I'll handle that at another time. Maybe if I'm lucky, I can get someone else to do it. HA! Exhibiting perfect timing, UPS comes and delivers the new pot I had ordered last week.....and that's a great big good thing!

Getting tired of wasting 3/4 of a pot of coffee every day simply because I no longer drink a whole pot before it starts to taste yucky....I bought one of those one-cup coffee makers after doing a tremendous amount of research to convince myself that I would like it. All the reviews were so good I figured a million people can't be I will try it. I made my first cup this afternoon and I will have to say that the coffee named "Donut Shop" is great......a freshly brewed mug can be had in about a minute and a half......and that's a good thing.


betty said...

Hope you get your microwave, etc. working again soon. I am thinkng about getting a four-cup coffee pot. I had one a few years ago, and it was perfect amount for two big mugs, which is all I drink in a day.

Jamie said...

LOVE this post! And I hate those kind of electrical problems...seems there is always something to call someone in about, you know?

I had one of those one cuppers and I loved it. I got rid of it and now I can't remember why. Wish I had it back...

It's Friday Charlotte. YEAH yeah yeah!

I'll bring the donuts and you have the coffee ready..oh wait a minute, maybe I'd better bring the coffee?

Hugs sweet lady. Lots and lots of hugs. :)

Smocha said...

Cute post:)

I know how you feel. I bought this pot roast one day and then relized I had NO clue how to turn on the oven. I call my husband at work and say "could you tell me how to turn on the oven?"

he says" I'm not sure, just mess with it until it comes on. "

What?! That thing is gas.

I managed to download the directions off the good ole internet.

Hope you figure out yer problem on the cheap :)

forsythia said...

Life's little pleasures can be so wonderful. :-) Life's little hassles are not.:-(

SOUL: said...

well charlotte- once again, you have impressed me.
how? i'm not sure. but, well, i just am. perhaps the post itself just got me. sorry to be entertained at your expense-- but this was nicely written. :)) "and that's a good thing".

so anyhow-- about the microwave--- could be a fuse. if not the outlet. or fuse-box, etc. there is an internal fuse in the microwave. just a couple bucks to fix it. maybe your son can check it out?

and the one cup coffee pot-- is that the one that has those little plastic coffee things that ya pop in? i want one of those so bad. only thing is-- it would run me broke. i seem to drink less coffee than i used to- but still too much in a day to use one of those types. but they sure do make yummy coffee.

anyhow-- hope lots more good things come your way-
stay warm up there lady-
bug hugz to you spidey :))

Golden To Silver Val said...

Hi Soul ~ yes, it uses what they call K-cups. I've done so much research and read so many reviews, I feel I know all the tricks. I can run it twice on a K-cup...once for a normal cup and once for a smaller cup and by combining them, I end up with a mug size (14 oz) that's just right. I've also found a web-site that sells them pretty cheap...24 of them for $12. So that's 50 cents a cup, right? Not too bad. Maybe Santa (soul-man) will get you one for Christmas. lol So far, I'm lovin' it. Thanks for the info on the fuse in the microwave (who knew...I didn' did). I'll have sonny boy check it out. And that's a good thing. lol

Leann said...

Got my mom one of those one-cuppers and she didn't like it.

I hope you got the electrical thing figured out and that was the problem not the microwave and coffee maker.