Sunday, November 1, 2009

Back to normal.....

Just a quickie post. I asked the maintenance man at work about my circuit breaker box and he told me that I have to flip the switch all the way off and then flip it back on in order for it to reset. So I did that and my microwave came back to life. The other affected outlet in my kitchen also came back to life which means that my coffee pot may not have died. I will test it out to see if there's any life in it and if so, pack it away and use it only if I have a lot of guests, like over a holiday or something. Its about 10 or 12 years old so I wouldn't be surprised if it has turned up its toes. If it has, I guess I can't complain after all those years. Its a Bunn. In the meantime, my one cup brewer, which is a Keurig, has made me extremely happy. I am discovering different little tricks so that I get the perfect mug full. I have sent for some sample packages of coffee so I can pick out my favorite brand. So far, I've liked just about every one I've picking one isn't going to be easy.

Halloween was very quiet around here. I saw just a few kids and they were on their way to the subdivision behind me where the houses are closer together and no fences are in the front yards to slow their progress. I didn't get any kids again this year....none of us here did. My granddaughters went to a party at the school and then just went in their own subdivisions on actual Halloween night. It was a beautiful night, but cold....only in the 40's. Friday night it was the same temperature but pouring rain. I think that kept the "devils" at bay so mischief was minimal.


Christine said...

We really didn't have many kids either. Well, as far as I know. I leave the candy out with a sign to take some but leave the rest for others and only half a bowl was gone. Either I had fifty very nice children or three piggies.

While we walked around I was disapponted that so many porch lights were out. Maybe four or five on a block were giving out candy.

Jamie said...

Yea for your problem (hopefully) being fixed! I find with things like that, I feel so helpless and that just makes me mad.

I don't think halloween can be like it has in the past, too many worries for the kids, well for their parents. I am afraid it's a era that is gone...everyone I know with small children only take them to houses where their friends or family live, and I guess that's smart these days.

Bring the coffee...I have the rolls.

Hugs. :)

forsythia said...

We didn't have many kids either. We had a light drizzle, but nothing that should have kept serious Halloweeners away. I literally dumped half pounds of candy on the last kids who came. I had already had more than my share of fun with the fun-size Butterfingers and today I have the flicker of a migraine. I get them if I overdo it on chocolate.

Cheryl said...

Glad you got your microwave and coffeemaker working again. It's the simple things, right? I've done the same thing...not flipped the switch back all the way. Then I felt really silly. Now I know the secret.

SOUL: said...

aha-- i shoulda thoght of that-- mine flips back and forth like that too-- sorry. i'm a bad helper friend.

that IS the one cupper i was thinkin of. i saw one online for sale-- i almost broke down.. i just can't... not til i get down to one or two cups a day. maybe next year? i don't know why-- but i do seem to drink less as i go.
it seems just a year or two ago i was a two potter! ugh. no wonder i was nervous all the time.
umm, wait... i'm still nervous all the time. so that's not it :))

anyhow-- enjoy your day-- and your coffee , and the working microwave.
(it's not one that radiates green rays while in use is it?)
we used to have an ancient on that did that-- even hummed.. it was kinda scary actually-- a long time ago.. in the 90's)

anyhow-- happy humpday-- yup i'm late-- sorry.